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The Bornless delivers an eerie experience that tingles your spine every time you hear that demon just stomping towards you.  With a core FPS game built in Unreal Engine, an Augmented Reality treasure hunt, upcoming tournaments, and a current Alpha version of the game, The Bornless is primed to be an easy choice for anyone looking for a dose of a horror shooter in web3 gaming.


The Bornless offers a unique first-person PvP/PvE horror shooter experience. Players get to play in a 2v2v2v2 lobby with a devil, Orobas, breathing down their neck wherever you go. Your main objective is to collect and burn incense as a sacrifice while fighting other players to derail their progress so you can come out on top.

Players attack and defend using their starting weapons, or weapons they find or purchase in the woods. You have to keep in mind Orobas will always come after the team with the least favor, or in other words, burned incense. All incense is burned in cauldrons. These appear periodically in different places across the map. The game ends when there is only one team remaining, or when the timer ends.

The map itself has five main sections: Dark, Quest, Ambient, Eerie, Dangerous. Each one of these areas are incense hotspots, but traversing them isn’t easy as The Bornless excels in keeping everything dark on purpose to keep players at the edge of their seats. You are free to a lantern, however, this also risks revealing your position.

Competitions and esports tournaments are a major gameplay element in The Bornless. The Bornless NFTs are divided into 8 collections of 666 NFTs each, representing the 8 different in-game characters players can use. The total supply once all 8 collections are complete is 5328.

At the time of writing, only detective Harry’s collection is live for players to purchase. The NFTs grant access to The Bornless Augmented Reality Game, all future tournaments, as well as exclusive in-game content respective to the character NFT you hold.


We got the chance to try The Bornless first hand with the guidance of the development team, and it was an experience we are definitely willing to repeat. The Bornless nails the atmosphere and horror aspects perfectly, but falls short in other gameplay aspects especially lighting among other shooter mechanics. However, it is worth mentioning the build we experienced was incredibly early, which means it can only get better from what is already a very solid game.

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The Bornless Review

The Bornless fills a much needed slot of survival horror shooters. With how perfectly designed the game's sound and atmosphere, the only missing piece to make The Bornless deserving of a higher status is its gameplay. The shooting and lighting aspects both are the only two elements holding back the game from its true potential at the moment.



Amazing atmosphere design

Exciting mix between horror and FPS

Very enjoyable when played in groups


Hitbox registration

Environment lighting

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The Bornless is a 1950s horror-themed Battle Royale game built in Unreal Engine.


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