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Tearing Spaces is an action-packed fantasy game that offers a unique and exciting 3v3 multiplayer experience. Players select from a roster of six different characters, each with their own unique abilities and weapons, and battle through procedurally generated levels to defeat bosses and sabotage other teams.

The game’s setting is a medieval fantasy world with beautiful landscapes, gates, flowers, concrete roads, and fences that control the flow of battle. The levels are procedurally generated, meaning that every time you play, the layout and enemies are different offering a lot of replayability without feeling like you have played the same level.


One of the most impressive features of Tearing Spaces is the variety of weapons and skills available to players. The weapons range from magical staffs to swords that you can dual wield and even a gigantic hammer, each with its own unique attributes affecting the damage and abilities points. Each weapon also comes with two unique skills, adding even more depth and options for players.

For example one of the twin blades in the game is called Wind Cut and it does 90 dmg while supplying the character with 100 AP. This weapon comes with two skills called Air Slash and Wind Assault each of which does a significant amount of damage and special moves to help win the battle

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The characters in Tearing Spaces are diverse and interesting, each with their own unique skill set to help them in battle. Ranging from guardians to executioners and even to descendants of Gods. For example, Brolin has the skill “Wild Dance” which increases the damage and movement speed, while Haley has the skill “Swarm Plague” which summons ticks that attack and drain health. This variety of skills and abilities allows players to tailor their playstyle to their preferences. My personal favorite with the hours of game time put in was Brolin as the movement speed buff was enough to allow me to get the most kills.

The enemies in Tearing Spaces are various and challenging, ranging from slimes to goblins to heavily armored knights and masked marauders that wield all sorts of weapons. Fighting these enemies is hectic and fast-paced, requiring players to have quick reactions and use skillful thinking. However, the boss fights are lackluster and could use more depth in their move sets and attacks.

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The boss fights are fun for the first couple of minutes but get tedious after a little bit of time since the move set is small. Bosses could be more difficult for the player as the reward for winning isn’t as satisfying as it could be. The game does a good job of aiding players in showing where enemies will attack so combat is fun and efficient.


All in all, Tearing Spaces is a wonderful game that offers a lot of fun and replayability. The levels are efficiently thought out, and the enemies offer a great challenge when grouped together. The game's fast pace and skillful gameplay will keep you hooked for hours. However, the boss fights could use more depth and variety to make the reward for winning more satisfying. Overall, Tearing Spaces is an enjoyable game that is worth checking out. 

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Tearing Spaces Review

In summary, Tearing Spaces is an enjoyable game with a high level of replayability. The level design is well-crafted and enemies provide a suitable challenge when encountered in groups. The fast-paced gameplay and skill-based mechanics will keep players engaged for extended periods of time. However, the boss battles could be improved by adding more variety and depth, to make the rewards for defeating them more satisfying. Despite this, Tearing Spaces is still a game that is worth trying out.



Endless replayability with lots of weapons and characters to suit players

Addicting and easy to learn combat

A unique blend of genres


Boss lacks thrill and difficulty

Occasional glitches and performance hiccups

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Tearing Spaces

Tearing Spaces is a unique 3v3 action game built on Polygon by a team of animation experts and gaming veterans.