Tatsumeeko Guide: How to Play The Uncharted Dream Event

A comprehensive Tatsumeeko guide on how to participate in the ongoing The Uncharted Dream event.

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Tatsumeeko is a modern fantasy idle JRPG-lite invites players to embark on epic quests and battle formidable foes. The Uncharted Dream event introduces a socially-driven auto-battler web event marking Tatsumeeko's entry into web3. Participation requires Meekolony Pass NFTs & Access Codes, granting exclusive access.

Participants stand to acquire limited edition game items for Tatsugotchi and Tatsumeeko, enriching the in-game economy. Collaborative partnerships bring Cross-IP items, available for a limited time. Engaging in battles earns players damage points, determining their position on the leaderboard.

Valuable rewards are distributed based on leaderboard standing, encouraging competitive gameplay. Participants can amplify their impact by inviting friends, earning extra bonuses and points through referrals, enhancing their performance within the game.


How to Get Access

Before The Uncharted Dream event launches, specific groups will be whitelisted for participation: Meekolony Pass Holders (Magic Eden), Aethereal Parcel Holders (TokenTrove), and long-time Tatsu.GG players and customers. This prioritizes and rewards those who have supported Tatsu's growth over the years.

For those not in these groups, participation requires an Access Code, which can be obtained through referral links. These codes grant immediate access to the event and provide bonuses to both referrers and new players.

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Referrers receive Uncharted Trove Lootboxes upon successful activation of their Access Codes by friends. These lootboxes contain various rewards, including extra energy and power potions. Additionally, referrers earn bonuses equivalent to 10% of the damage points inflicted by their referrals, contributing to their total damage points and leaderboard rankings.

To use Access Codes, players can simply click on the provided links or input the code manually on the event website. Each player can generate up to 5 Referral Codes daily to invite friends, with the damage points inflicted by referrals also counting towards their leaderboard standings.

Event Details and How to Play

In the Uncharted Dream web event, players aim to accumulate Damage Points by utilizing energy to defeat adversaries. Energy is obtained passively on a daily basis, and completing simple missions grants players damage upgrades.

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Energy is utilized to inflict Damage Points on monsters, thereby reducing their health. Players can acquire additional energy through various means such as daily login troves and Uncharted Trove lootboxes. Daily quests and missions also contribute to energy acquisition.

Damage Points represent the damage inflicted on monsters. By expending energy to deal damage and clear stages, players earn Damage Points. These points are instrumental in unlocking Individual Milestone Rewards, Global Milestone Rewards, and determining leaderboard standings. Auto-Combat automatically opens troves and consumes energy at UTC 00:00 daily, converting it into Damage Points.

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Damage upgrades enhance the player's damage output, making each unit of energy more effective. These upgrades can be obtained through Uncharted Trove lootboxes, collaborations with communities and partners on social media, and participating in daily quests and missions.

Uncharted Trove lootboxes contain various rewards including extra energy tiers and power potions. Players can acquire these lootboxes through daily rewards, referral code activations, and rewards for staking Meekolony Pass and Aethereal Parcel NFTs.

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Daily quests offer optional tasks for players to complete, granting extra energy and damage upgrades. Missions are one-off tasks rewarding damage upgrades.

Bonus codes provide troves and are distributed through Tatsumeeko's social media channels, official Discord server, and partnerships and collaborations.


March 8th 2024


March 8th 2024

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