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In TaleCraft, players engage in a card game, crafting NFTs with four primary elements that can later be sold on the marketplace.

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TaleCraft encompasses a card game where players can create and mint NFTs by crafting with four principal element cards, which can subsequently be sold on the marketplace. In TaleCraft, the four essential elements are distributed via Alchemist Chests, which are available on a weekly basis, leading to a limited supply of cards. The game inherently exhibits a deflationary mechanism as each card utilized in crafting gets burnt, reducing the total number in circulation.

Alchemist Cards and Chests

TaleCraft incorporates 178 unique alchemist cards, distributed across five distinctive tiers namely, stone, iron, silver, gold, and philosopher's stone. The card level corresponds to the complexity and scarcity of its production process. Out of these 178 cards, only the four primary elements - Air, Water, Earth, and Fire, are released weekly. The remaining cards can be generated by users through crafting.

The Alchemist's chest system presents a weekly sale of the four main elements required to mint cards in TaleCraft. This ensures a steady but limited supply of these primary elements.

In the context of game rewards, players have the opportunity to accrue weekly prizes by prevailing in the board game and possessing crafted NFTs. Every week, the team will distribute more than 20,000 CRAFT to the board game winners. These rewards are determined based on leaderboard rankings, and they're recalculated every week, taking into account the total wins achieved by a player during that period.

The weekly Alchemist's chest system restricts the supply of the major elements in TaleCraft, preventing an indefinite increase in any card's availability. This encourages players to mint unique cards, stimulating activity on the marketplace. The crafting system also imposes a limit on the card supply, directing users towards the marketplace. This allows players to devise various strategic approaches to the game and potentially gain profits.

For instance, by minting exclusively Bronze Level cards, a player can dominate this market segment, or a player might opt to invest in higher-level cards and become a unique card owner, commanding high prices for these scarce assets. TaleCraft effectively simulates the ambiance of a medieval market, enriching the gaming experience!

How to Get Started

Check out the above TaleCraft guide on how to get started and once you are ready, you can jump straight into the game through the official website.

About TaleCraft


TaleCraft provides an NFT-based card game where players generate and trade NFTs, created through the assembly of four key element cards.