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In Sugartown's enchanting realm, players experience a fusion of blockchain and gameplay, featuring wormhole-creating farm animals and city-altering Oras.

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Sugartown is an innovative web3 game developed by the renowned game publisher, Zynga. Set in a whimsical world, Sugartown offers players an immersive gaming experience that seamlessly integrates blockchain technology. Dive into a universe where farm animals open wormholes, otherworldly beings called Oras transform the city, and players can harness the power of NFTs. Zynga's vision for Sugartown is to empower players through a sustainable web3 platform filled with engaging and long-lasting games. The game is designed to appeal to a native web3 market, with plans to scale even broader over time.

The Story Behind Sugartown

The narrative of Sugartown revolves around three farm animals who, by accident, open a wormhole leading to another dimension. This rift allows peculiar beings known as Oras to enter Sugartown. With their creative abilities, the Oras transform Sugartown into a vibrant, gamified world, filled with fun and adventures. Oras play a central role in the Sugartown universe. Zynga released 10,000 Ora NFTs, which will be essential for players to access the game. Owning an Ora NFT not only grants entry to Sugartown but also to the free-to-play minigames within. Players can stake their Ora NFTs to accumulate Sugar, a non-crypto, in-game currency, enhancing their gameplay experience.

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Sugartown is designed to be accessible via web browsers, ensuring a broad reach. The game promises a plethora of activities, challenges, and mini-games, all set within the enchanting world of Sugartown.

How to Get Started

  1. Visit the Official Website: Head over to Sugartown's official website to embark on your journey.
  2. Understand the Basics: Familiarize yourself with the game's core mechanics, including the significance of Oras and the NFT integration.
  3. Acquire an Ora NFT: Keep an eye out for the release of the Ora NFTs, which will be your ticket to the world of Sugartown.
  4. Stay Updated: Join the Sugartown community on platforms like X  and Discord for the latest updates and announcements.

About Sugartown


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Sugartown blends a whimsical world with blockchain tech, where players encounter farm animals with wormholes and mystical Oras reshaping the city.


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