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Spider Tanks was announced as the second title within the Gala Games ecosystem, bringing a fast-paced action-packed PVP experience. The battle arena title puts players in the driver seat for each tank and throws them in a tense 3v3 fight. Depending on the mode and its objective, players need to overcome their enemies and accomplish their mission to win the match.

With tons of moving parts and team coordination involved, Spider Tanks makes for a great multiplayer game to play alongside friends or even competitively against other players. It is one of those where you can ping your friends to hop on for a few games and enjoy it long enough to stay for a couple more. However, it is not flawless by any means.


Spider Tanks’ main menu is tremendously designed to keep everything simple for players to navigate quickly to where they want to go with your chosen tank spinning in the middle of the screen. You will find yourself spending most of your time building and customizing your tank as the studio makes sure it is an integral part of the experience that can’t be overlooked or just arbitrarily chosen.

There are dozens of selection choices available for purchase as NFTs on the Gala Games store for each part of your Spider Tanks’ tank. Each one of them serves a purpose as explained earlier in our game overview. This is where the free-to-play tag labeled on the game gets a little deceiving. Anyone is welcome to download and play the game, and if you don’t own any NFT tank parts, you will be given a couple of choices in each category to choose from.

Is Spider Tanks Free-to-Play?

Nonetheless, NFT owners benefit from their parts coming perfectly upgraded to certain levels, giving them a relatively unfair advantage over true free-to-play players or even other NFT owners of the same part but with a lower rarity. For example, the Hurricane tank body part Common NFT enables players to have more speed at the expense of a certain portion of their health. 


If you decide to go with its Epic version, it comes pre-upgraded to level 18, offsetting a lot of that health for speed exchange and making your tank noticeably better on the battlefield than its Common counterpart and especially free-to-play players with normal components. This can sometimes leave a sour taste especially if you lose a game where you feel the loss was a result of your opponent purely having a better tank and not because they are a better player.

Chickens Everywhere

If you haven’t noticed till now, Spider Tanks has a thing for chickens. The game boasts a total of 6 game modes, and somehow, chickens are involved in almost all of them. Outside of the traditional modes like Team Deathmatch and King of the Hill, the game does an admirable job at not taking itself too seriously while still maintaining the competitiveness of its gameplay.

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Personally, Chicken Chaser and Poultry Pusher were my favorites during my time playing the game. The chaos you see on your screen when a tank is running behind golden chickens to collect them and return them back to base leaves you with a sight to remember. This diverse set of modes combined with the unique maps and terrains the game has to offer leaves you with a lot of content to chew through. It is guaranteed no two games can be the same.


Spider Tanks is by far one of the best games you can experience in the web3 gaming space, especially with its quality of gameplay, non-stop new content, and variety of modes. The plethora of choices and complexity when building your tank leaves room for you to keep experimenting till you find that sweet spot that fits perfectly with your playstyle.

On top of that, the game makes for surprisingly entertaining and engaging esports and competitive tournaments. The amount of coordination needed and team synergy where all three of your tanks compliment each other’s strengths and weaknesses is rewarded in-game which is exactly what is needed from a web3 title looking to break into the esports segment.

Nonetheless, Spider Tanks suffers from often giving off the feeling of inferiority to their free-to-play players whenever they are paired up against NFT owners. The underlying pay-to-win mechanisms with pre-levelled NFT tank body parts can be off-putting and deceiving to new players jumping into the game believing it is truly free-to-play. 

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Spider Tanks Review

Spider Tanks is another excellent entry in the Gala Games ecosystem. One of the few web3 games that managed to successfully appeal to both casual and competitive players. offering each of them enough tools and content to enjoy the game. The subliminal pay-to-win mechanics and lack of server support for several of the major regions can sometimes remind you of Spider Tank's flaws.



Incredible depth and complexity with tank building

Variety of modes and maps

Engaging and competitive gameplay


Underlying pay-to-win mechanics

Lack of server support for several major regions

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October 31st 2022

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Spider Tanks

Spider Tanks is a PVP Brawler where players build and customize their tanks before jumping into the battlefield to take on their enemies.




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