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Space Nation


Space Nation is more than just an MMO; it is a Space Opera built on Immutable. This game features a founding team highly experienced in both game development and movie directing. Recently, they completed their third alpha playtest, which included both PvE and PvP modes.

The lore for the game is limited but revolves around exploring deep space and discovering new technologies to progress all life forms. In the main space station, players encounter a variety of life forms with whom they can interact.

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As the game is in closed access, players require access codes provided exclusively by the development team for each stage of the game. Space Nation has its own launcher available only on PC, and the hardware specifications for this game are slightly higher than others, with machines above low spec being recommended.


Upon entering the game, players are prompted to choose a female or male character and give it a name, with limited customization options available. After this, players are launched straight into the game, loaded into a spaceship inside a vast asteroid, where they learn the basics of piloting and combat through a comprehensive tutorial experience.

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Once players complete the initial area, they travel toward the main space station, where they can captain various ships, complete PvE missions in different parts of space, and compete in PvP arenas featuring 5v5 and 10v10 combat modes. Mining activities are also introduced through initial missions, allowing players to gather minerals for refining and crafting items.

In the game's current development stage, players can enjoy five different styles of spaceships, each varying in agility and combat capability.


Space Nation presents a well-rounded, stable experience in their latest alpha 3.0 playtest. With a well-versed tutorial, they create a great introduction loop to the gameplay.

Analyzing the graphics, Space Nation has crafted a detailed universe that provides a thrilling experience as players travel through jump gates. Even in combat, all visual effects engage and enhance the game experience.

Regarding sound design, Space Nation lacks a bit in this area. The main space station sounds overly busy, and the natural volume level is very loud. However, the sound effects when using weapons on ships are a great addition to the game and provide a good experience.

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In terms of gameplay, the main aspects of the game play smoothly and offer an exciting space experience. Weapon mechanics work seamlessly with no issues in hit registration. The only drawback is the lack of guidance inside the main space station, which could be improved to help players quickly understand the layout. PvP mode allows players to enjoy different ships with different weapons, resulting in an enjoyable experience.

Overall, I would rate Space Nation a 7 out of 10. This is mainly due to the quality of gameplay and the well-made introduction part of the game. Improvements in terms of longer and more challenging missions could enhance the gameplay experience. Space Nation has laid a solid foundation for their game in this alpha build, and I look forward to their future developments.

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Space Nation Review

Space Nation's alpha 3.0 playtest provides a stable experience with a thorough tutorial, introducing players to engaging gameplay. While the game boasts detailed graphics and smooth mechanics, sound design lacks finesse, especially within the bustling main space station. Despite this, PvP mode offers diverse ship and weapon options, contributing to an overall enjoyable experience.



Detailed graphics

Excellent tutorial experience

Stable build during early development stages


Lack of guidance post-tutorial

Limited character customization options

Restricted maneuverability in certain ships

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About Space Nation

Space Nation

Embark on a thrilling space exploration journey with Space Nation. Lead as a spaceship captain, explore mysteries, face challenges, and engage in epic battles in the vast universe.


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