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In Sollarion, a hexagonal map-based turn-based strategy card game, players have the opportunity to employ a wide array of tactics for offense, defense, and unit positioning.

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Sollarion is a turn-based strategy card game set on a hexagonal map, allowing players to engage in diverse tactics for attack, defense, and unit positioning. As part of the gameplay experience, players have the freedom to build their unique deck of cards by selecting from a range of units and spells, which adds customization and strategic depth. The game emphasizes strategic gameplay by encouraging players to conquer resources on the map to gain an advantage over their opponents. To achieve victory, players must focus on destroying the enemy portal, ultimately asserting dominance and showcasing their skill in the world of Sollarion.

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In Sollarion, players have the opportunity to support one of three unique factions, with their choice potentially changing the fate of the galaxy. By building their reputation, gaining the trust of factions, and earning rewards, players can make a lasting impact on the game's universe. The three factions are:

  • Yono: Committed to the progress of humankind, the Yono faction believes in the unlimited potential of the human race and pushes for advancement without compromise.
  • Talom: Focused on strength, prosperity, and perseverance, the Talom faction offers power and prosperity to those who join, but success comes with a price.
  • Mungu: Embracing freedom, the Mungu faction values the power of nature, mutual respect, and knowledge, welcoming those who seek liberation and growth.

By choosing a faction, players will embark on a journey to define their path and influence the galaxy's future.


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Players can build their armies and head into battle for the coveted Sollarion Crystal. With over 1000 cards available, there are countless ways for players to customize their decks according to their preferences. The game features unique characters such as Sgt. John Protector Murphy, Jigmamonth, Ghoose, Iglis, Iddilian, Zanup, Roborilla, Chethrex, Rerventh, Reggenuss, Ravathan, and Borgrazath.

Each card has special abilities that players can use to control the battlefield and gain an advantage over their opponents. To further enhance their strategies, players must also consider the basic stats of each card, including life, shield, movement, and attack.

Additionally, Sollarion introduces orbs that can be used to improve the stats and abilities of the cards, providing players with the opportunity to fine-tune their decks and increase their chances of victory in the battle for the Sollarion Crystal.

How to Get Started

Sollarion is currently available to play through Elixir, with regular updates rolling out to improve the overall experience and add new features. On the other hand, if you wish to enjoy the game without any web3 elements, it is available through Steam as well. 

About Sollarion


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Sollarion, a turn-based strategy card game with a hexagonal map layout, enables players to utilize varied tactics in attack, defense, and unit placement.


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