In Skyweaver, you will be playing as the Skyweavers, the champions chosen by the prisms, you are tasked with controlling energies from the sky source, protecting and guiding the Sky’s people. With danger lurking in the shadows in the form of a dark energy storm your world is on the brink of chaos. Fear not the Genesis Prism with the power to reshape all of Sky could offer salvation to the one able to obtain and wield it.

Quick note on the art before we dive into Skyweaver and modes that are available. The cards and battle arena’s are stunning to look at, complemented by explosive VFX effects to make the game come more alive. Vibrant colors and a wide variety of them makes this game pop off your screen and very enjoyable to look at and explore.


If you enjoy strategical games or other trading card games, you’ll be pleased to hear that Skyweaver has more then enough for you to dive into. At first glance, this game is very user friendly and easy to pick up for veterans and newbies alike, but mastering all the cards and playstyle will offer you a lot of hours of thinking, planning, and theory crafting decks with cards that you feel compliment each other. Furthermore, with the meta ever changing with the release of new cards and seasons, you’ll be able to keep reinventing your deck and strategies along the way.

Like many card games out there, Skyweaver is played with familiar mechanics to fans of the genre. You’ll be able to construct your own deck as stated above and the different cards you’ll have access to will be within the unit or spells categories, which isn't anything new under the sun. However there are some things that set it apart from its competitors, such as some very specific traits, activations and effect cards. Traits include the following:

  • Guard
  • Stealth
  • Banner
  • Armor
  • Life Steal
  • Wither

On the other hand, the list of effects in-game at the moment of writing include:

  • Play
  • Summon
  • Death
  • Inspire
  • Glory
  • Sunset
  • Sunrise

In addition to that, there are enchants that can be attached to units. Enchants in short are buffs and debuffs to boost your units or weaken your enemies. As well as cards that have spells attached to them, which you can play later on as the game progresses, but use them in a timely manner as when the unit dies it’ll take the spell/effect card with it out of play. This brings us to a new tactical aspect to the game that we found to be very entertaining.

Skyweaver offers a variety of game modes, which unlock as you level up in the game, each with their own requirements and rewards. Both ranked and unranked, as well as an existing game mode that allows you to play without constructing your own deck but getting one assigned to you based on the champion that you choose. Building a personalized deck isn't everyone's forte so this is a pleasant feature, especially if you are looking to try out new champions or explore different playstyles without the hassle of learning its intricacies by yourself.

We all love playing games and enjoy the games that we play a lot, Skyweaver does bring some rewards to its ranked game modes as well. Competing in the ranked matches gives you a shot at silver cards, while Conquest features gold cards up for grabs, which both are tradeable cards. Gold being limited supply to add to that value and aesthetic of the card. So for any collector out there, this will be the game modes you want to be competing in to acquire the special cards.


All-in all, Skyweaver is a very enjoyable and complete game with the various modes and ever expanding card collection it has to offer its player. The vibrant colors used in the arena, cards and VFX combined make for a pleasant experience that has had us hooked from the first tutorial we set out to play in. The game is very accessible and easy to jump into, but offers enough for the more experienced among us that enjoy building decks and complex card game mechanics to overcome the meta of the season or just build crazy decks and hope that they work.

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Skyweaver Review

In conclusion, Skyweaver is an exceptional game that provides a comprehensive and enjoyable experience. It features multiple modes and an ever-growing collection of cards that keep players engaged. The use of vibrant colors in the arena, cards, and VFX creates a visually appealing environment that hooked us from the first tutorial. The game is user-friendly and easy to start, but also offers sufficient depth for experienced players to build decks, master game mechanics, and challenge the current meta.



Ranked competition brings the possibility of winning silver/gold cards NFTs

Ever expanding card collection through new seasons and expansions being added in

Immersive gameplay through vibrant art

Adds some new features/effects to the genre


All the effects might be a bit overwhelming to new players

Time needed to unlock all cards can be a bit of a grind

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