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Seraph is a captivating dark ARPG loot game currently under development on Arbitrum by Actoz Soft. Within this game, players select from a variety of classes, weapons, and abilities, which they enhance throughout their adventure. The primary goal is to conquer formidable bosses and secure high-quality loot.

The game is presently accessible via access codes redeemable through its exclusive launcher, which is currently available only for PC. However, the Seraph team has recently teased mobile versions. Regarding hardware requirements, they are relatively modest, with a recommended GTX 1060 for optimal gameplay. While not mandatory, NFT holders enjoy the perk of direct testing access.

The lore introduces players to the history of Seraph and the civilization's origins in this universe, though beyond this, lore that further develops this IP is somewhat limited.

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After loading into the game, the player has to choose one of four currently available classes; Sorceress, Valkyrie, Barbarian, and Necromancer. Once the player has chosen a class and name, they are spawned into a graveyard which is in the main camp where the player talks to Agamand to begin their quest in this new world.

Through the first set of mini quests the player is introduced to the tutorial of the game which teaches them how to use equipment, combat mechanics and more. Each character has 4 stats they can improve; Strength, dexterity, stamina and energy. Stat points are gained through leveling up.

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In addition to this each character has 3 skill trees they can choose from to learn abilities. For example in the Sorceress skill trees a player can choose from Frost, Flame, and Lightning. This provides a touch of customisation options in play style for each gamer.

In regards to the rest of the gameplay, players can go through various maps clearing mobs and facing bosses which all have different mechanics. This makes for a gameplay that lasts several hours even though the game is only in beta stages.


Seraph's initial trailer generated considerable excitement among players. The open access playtest revealed a fun and stable build, enabling smooth gameplay on distant servers with high latency and minimal glitches.

The game's graphics are impressive, showcasing detailed character abilities and boss mechanics. However, some areas could benefit from improved lighting to enhance the experience. The audio, including the introductory trailer and in-game sound effects, complements the game well, though the background soundtrack, while fitting, is not particularly remarkable.


Analyzing the gameplay, Seraph offers an enjoyable experience for both ARPG enthusiasts and newcomers. The game is accessible and entertaining, though increasing the difficulty of boss battles could enhance the overall experience. The current difficulty level may lack the excitement some players seek.

The beta phase delivered a stable and enjoyable game experience lasting several hours. Improvements in game difficulty and sound design could elevate this score by immersing players more deeply into the game's world.

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SERAPH: In the Darkness Review

Seraph's initial trailer generated excitement, and the open playtest revealed a stable and fun experience despite high latency on distant servers. Impressive graphics with detailed abilities and boss mechanics, though lighting could improve. Audio complements the game but the soundtrack is unremarkable. Gameplay is enjoyable for both ARPG enthusiasts and newcomers, but increasing boss battle difficulty would add excitement. The beta phase was stable but could benefit from improved difficulty and sound design for better immersion.



Stable beta build

Detailed character design

High-quality graphics


Low excitement due to easy difficulty

Background sound needs improvement

Boss mechanics lack depth

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