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Rogue Nations is a mobile action RPG that offers an exhilarating gaming experience. Upon starting, players are welcomed to a camp where they can select their hero, 'elemint', and weapons. Currently, two characters are available: a swift cowboy sporting a zebra cowboy hat and a mustache, and Mr. Fridge, characterized by his robust health.


Elemints, purchasable companions from the marketplace, provide varying bonuses and follow the player around without engaging in combat. Initially, the game grants access to only two guns; however, this expands with progression. Once the player finalizes their loadout, they can enter the dungeons.

Each dungeon comprises seven rooms, with players needing to vanquish all enemies before advancing. As players traverse to the final room, they encounter increasingly challenging enemies, culminating in a boss fight.

Rogue Nation utilizes two virtual thumbsticks for movement, attack, and special abilities, the latter having a cooldown period necessitating strategic timing. Each room features obstacles that demand dynamic movement while neutralizing enemies. Initially, the game may seem chaotic as players strive to maintain combo bonuses, but it eventually demands a slower, more strategic approach.

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Despite the repetitiveness stemming from constant enemy types across all ten dungeons, the increasing damage they can absorb keeps the challenge alive. Upon clearing a dungeon, players are rewarded with a chest containing enhanced weapons. Each dungeon run typically takes three to four minutes, making it a convenient pick for leisure gaming. However, the game's addictive nature might lead to extended play sessions.

As players improve their loadouts, they can choose from an array of weapons spanning different tiers and styles, from rapid-fire options to slower, hard-hitting rifles. The weapons and enemies possess 'types', such as fire, each having corresponding strengths and weaknesses. Matching the weapon type with the player's elemint boosts damage, as the latter provides specific bonuses.


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The game features impressive graphics, enabling easy distinction between player and enemy actions. Although the dungeons share a common theme, the engaging graphics offset any monotony. The game is easy to grasp but demands mastery to top the leaderboard, adding a skill element. However, the challenge could be ramped up, as the AI seems underwhelming, making it too simple to eliminate enemies unscathed. In fact, I never perished during any runs unless I left my phone idle.

In summary, Rogue Nations is a commendable mobile game that capitalizes on its App Store availability, ensuring widespread accessibility. Its addictive nature and ease of access make it a convenient choice for any time. Currently in development, it will be intriguing to track its evolution in the future.

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Rogue Nation Review

Rogue Nations is a visually appealing, easy-to-learn yet challenging mobile game. Its engaging gameplay, crisp graphics, and accessibility via the App Store enhance its appeal. However, the need for improved AI to boost challenge is noticeable. Given it's still in development, the game's future evolution promises intrigue.



High accessibility

Crisp, distinguishable graphics

Engaging gameplay cycle


Improvement needed in AI to enhance challenge

Needs to boost replayability

Diversification of loadout options required to avoid similarities

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