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Enter a dystopian future on a distant planet in the world of Reign of Terror. A world where the rich live above you, not only figuratively, but literally. In a survival of the strongest society where the strong prey on the weak, a group of rebels stand up. Fight against the systems put in place in order to free people from the will of a nearly all powerful Emperor. In this turn based tactical RPG, you are set to fight as a rebel to unhinge the current system of power.

You and the squad that you assemble around you will be sent out on various missions; to disrupt occult ceremonies, capture crashed soldiers or to lay siege to a military operation that has been set up to hammer down on rebels and civilians alike. Picking the right agents for the missions ahead is vital to their success. Each agent with their own skills and toolset to complement each other and work as one synchronized unit.


From spears, snipers, swords, assault rifles, and medical equipment to name a few of the weapons and gear that you have at your disposal in Reign of Terror. Each with their own strength and weakness, which you will have to play around. Nonetheless, it is not just about your equipment since positioning and tactical expertise play a major part of the game and your chance to finish your mission with a successful outcome. Taking into account movement and action economics, range and hit percentiles depending on the weapons you are using as well as the agent specific abilities they have in their arsenal.

Furthermore, all actions and abilities have a turn-based cooldown, this makes for an interesting dynamic on when and where to use abilities. For example you may be up against a group of opponents which you are able to take out with some of your abilities only to strike out against a boss or monster just around the corner. This all combined makes Reign of Terror an interesting game to play and attempt to master.

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The map you play on in Reign of Terror varies from mission to mission both in size, layout, and topography. Furthermore, each mission you deal with different enemies from regular military personal to demonic figures and many more. As you move about the map that has a hexagon tile layout, you use your actions to your best ability.

Each turn is divided and split up between the actions you can take, choices between movement and an action, double movement or double action are what you are confronted with. Turn based moves carries you through the missions as you would expect, since after your turn is over your opponent will have its go and attempt to make your life miserable and hopefully after all turns are done, you will claim your victory. All while earning levels and upgrades for your agent.


Currently only a demo PVE version is available. The 3 missions that you have access to are fun to play and give a clear idea on what the future of PVE hold for the player. Further down the road, there are a lot more features promised that will be introduced to the game and its players, for PVE; survival mode, daily missions and class/faction missions are amongst them.

At the same time, you can't disregard there will be PVP modes available as well. From unranked and ranked matches to full out alliance battles and Asynchronous Gameplay where you will be able to play your turn when its convenient to you. While there is still tons of room for improvement and development, Reign of Terror is already enjoyable to play and we cant wait for more content to roll out and jump into.

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Reign of Terror Review

Reign of Terror borrows concepts from the critically acclaimed franchise XCOM while adding their own spin to it to deliver a memorable experience filled with lore and gameplay mechanics that any strategy player would appreciate. Currently only a demo PVE version is available. The 3 missions that you have access to are fun to play and give a clear idea on what the future of PVE hold for the player. Outside of occasional glitches, slight terrain collision issues, and enemy AI not being the smartest at the moment, Reign of Terror looks like a promising title to keep your eye on.



Enjoyable and refreshing gameplay

Deep lore and backstory

Upgradeable Characters


Very limited gameplay available

Occasional map and camera glitches

Collision issues

Pace of the game feels unlively at times

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Reign of Terror is a tactical turn based RPG that takes place in a cyberpunk metaverse.


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