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Providence has been developed over the past two years by a team at Dynasty Studios. A Multiplayer survival shooter, where players have to manage survival in Slipworlds to gain materials which are used to enhance their character. Created in 2022, this game has been in development for 2 years.

In the lore of Providence, shattered planets orbit the abyss of the Singularity. Survivors face the test of existence, seeking fortune amidst asteroids harboring the remnants of lost civilizations. Trailblazers navigate perilous landscapes, establishing themselves on stable Homesteads to gather resources and fend off rivals. Yet, in the depths of space, unknown life forms pose constant threats, adding layers of uncertainty. 


Providence is a multiplayer survival shooter that blends elements of survival, roguelike, and extraction shooter game, where you play as a Trailblazer. Players manage health, shield and energy throughout the game. They have two primary weapons: the Harvester, for gathering materials, and a combat weapon for dealing with enemies who drop resources after being defeated.

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In the game, players collect materials to build armor, weapons, tools and other helpful items. The gameplay alternates between two worlds: Homesteads and Slipworlds. Homesteads serve as safe havens where players can craft, store materials, cook food and assemble loadouts. Loadout dictates which armor and weapon the Trailblazer will hold when entering the Slipworlds.

To venture into the dangerous Slipworlds, players must use drop ships near their Homesteads. Slipworlds are PvPvE environments where players fight enemies (including other players sometimes), gather resources, and harvest materials. There's a time limit to complete objectives before the planet is destroyed entirely.

Harvesting is crucial for resource gathering, requiring players to catalyze objects and fallen creatures with their weapons. When harvesting large items they must be transported to a processor to make them manageable, though movement is limited while carrying them. Processors are one of the buildings that players can build on Slipworlds. 

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Players collect Memoria too, which create shards, essential for crafting and enhancing loadouts. Memoria, the essence of alien life forms, can be gathered from defeated aliens and treasure chests.


In terms of graphics, Providence has built an aesthetic environment. Weapons, characters movements, are other VFX present in the game are well designed and work smoothly. A note here is that you can look at a large horizon with a high amount of detail, providing a great opportunity for a new screensaver.

The sound effects of the creatures and having in the different worlds as well as the characters movements and weapons are of good standard, however the noise of the players character could be slightly increased to create more impact for the player

In terms of the gameplay the overall game loop is fairly clear once you have played the game for a while however as a new beginner they may be feeling a bit lost. A lot of the building functions on Slipworlds do not seem to function just yet, in addition to this, creatures are often getting stuck on random terrain making a boss fight such as the Taurus encounter quite easy and takes away the excitement from this integral part of the gameplay.

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Overall I would give providence a 6/10, the reasoning for this score is that the graphics and audio design the game has delivered are to a high standard, however when it comes to the actual gameplay there are several bugs and functions that are still missing to really complete this game. With this being said, it is important to note that this is an early version of the game and therefore has built a solid foundation for the future.

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Providence Review

Providence, created in Unreal Engine 5, offers a visually stunning and immersive 3D sci-fi experience for PC gamers. The graphics and sound design provide an immersive experience for the player. However, gameplay falls short due to bugs and missing features, like malfunctioning building functions and creatures getting stuck on terrain. Despite its flaws, Providence shows promise as an early version, laying a solid foundation. Overall: 6/10



Excellent graphics

Outstanding sound design

Realistic survival combat


Numerous bugs

Some game functions are not working in the current build, hindering the gaming experience

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Providence, a web3 game by Dynasty Studios, offers a distinctive survival adventure. Players can expect to explore alien environments, engage in resource competition, and confront the challenges of the Singularity in this free-to-play game with a player-driven economy.


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