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It has been 2000 years since the War of the Goddesses. Ravenna is dead, and the Pyli Kingdom appears to be thriving once more. However, unexpected chaos ensues as the ancient magical beings known as Porbles turn against humans in the Wilderens. To restore stability and peace, Heroes with the ability to control Porbles must be enlisted. This is where you come in, taking on the task of capturing and controlling Porbles to bring harmony back to the land.


Before delving into the immersive world, let's take a moment to appreciate the game's captivating graphics. The pixel art design brings the colorful and vibrant world to life, with added elements of movement that provide a sense of depth. The cheerful atmosphere and bright colors create an inviting allure, while the unique and appealing designs of the Porbles make them enticing to collect.

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Upon arriving in the main city, you embark on quests that lead you on your Porble-catching adventure. However, the lack of a tutorial or clear guidance can leave players wondering about the mechanics. Once understood, the process becomes easy and reminiscent of other popular monster-catching games. The game draws inspiration from well-known titles, which adds a sense of familiarity.

The game introduces tests of skill, such as navigating obstacles and solving puzzles, which is a commendable attempt. However, there are some flaws, including falling to your demise in unexpected places and spike traps that lack the expected threat. The current state of danger and punishment feels lackluster but has the potential to become a unique and engaging feature if further refined. Additionally, certain elements require repetition, such as returning to an area to heal Porbles at the well, which can be tedious.

As you progress through quests, your Porble team grows in strength and levels. This is crucial, as you face a formidable rival early on. Overcoming this challenge feels rewarding and motivates you to explore other quests and train your team.

Throughout your adventure, you encounter wild Porbles in battles that occur when walking through high grass. These battles involve using basic attacks and abilities, aiming to defeat or capture the Porbles using scrolls. Both actions provide experience points to level up your Porbles and make them stronger, preparing you for future battles against rivals and adversaries.

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The battle system and the inclusion of speed factors in Porble actions are noteworthy features. The strategic importance of porble speed and timing adds depth to the battles. Although the battles can become repetitive over time, the foundation is solid, and there is potential for further expansion.


Overall, Portal Fantasy has a solid foundation to build upon, but it would benefit from polishing certain aspects as mentioned above. It evokes nostalgia for beloved titles from childhood, which is a valuable aspect in itself.

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Portal Fantasy Review

Portal Fantasy shows promise with a strong foundation for future development, although some areas need improvement. It successfully taps into nostalgia, which adds value to the experience.



Vibrant and welcoming world design

Introduces new elements like jumping, traps, and emphasizes the importance of Porble speed


Lackluster sense of threat from traps and environment

Excessive movement in the environment can be overwhelming

Requires further polishing to stand out from larger titles

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