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Windows web3 games are actually normal PC games that are built on blockchain technology. This allows for the creation of a decentralized virtual world where players can own and trade in-game assets securely. The use of blockchain in these games provides a unique gaming experience, as players have full control and ownership of their assets. The popularity of Windows web3 games is on the rise, and they are seen as the future of gaming due to their secure and transparent nature. With new games and developments in the web3 space, the potential for players is limitless.

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There are millions of Windows games available for all PC gamers to download and enjoy. That's why sometimes the web3 games will get lost in the mix. We are here to bring you a list of the best PC web3 games you need to play right now. This evergrowing catalogue of PC games cover all the genres any Windows gamer would be interested in so you can explore the world of blockchain gaming and get started with high quality web3 games off the bat.