Pixels Guide: How to Hatch Pets

A comprehensive Pixels guide on how to hatch pets after incubating them in-game.

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Pets in Pixels Online are not just cosmetic companions; they offer utility that can significantly impact your gameplay. From providing extra storage space to affecting your range of interaction with objects, pets are a valuable addition to your Pixels adventure. This guide teaches you how to acquire and hatch your own pet and how to take care of it.

How to Acquire a Pixels Pet

  1. Minting or Purchasing a Pet Capsule: Pets can be acquired through in-game events or purchased from the secondary marketplace. You can either obtain a fully grown pet or a pet capsule that needs to be hatched.
  2. Secondary Marketplace: Use the in-game command ?pets to access the marketplace link, where you can browse available pets and capsules.

Hatching Your Pet

To hatch a pet from a capsule, you'll need:

  • 1 Pet Capsule
  • 30 Jumbo Potions
  • 1 Growth Lab Kit

These items can be purchased or crafted within the game. The Growth Lab Kit is available in the pet store for 1,000 coins, and potions can be crafted at potion stables using resources like cooking mix.

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Crafting Potions

Potion crafting involves combining resources at potion stables. While there's an element of luck in potion outcomes, using recommended recipes increases your chances of getting the desired potion. For example, combining 20 units of cooking mix might yield a strength potion. It's important to use jumbo potions for hatching as they have the most significant impact on pet stats.

Understanding Pet Stats

  • Speed: Affects the range of interaction with objects. Higher speed allows you to interact with objects from further away.
  • Strength: Determines the pet's storage capacity. Maximum storage is achieved with 100 strength, providing two full rows (12 slots) of storage space.
  • Luck: Its utility is currently unknown but is expected to play a role in future PvP aspects of the game.
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How to Take Care of Pixels Pet

After hatching, pets require care to maintain happiness, which in turn affects their utility:

  • Feeding: Use pet treats to keep your pet happy. Treats can be crafted or purchased.
  • Watering and Walking: These activities increase happiness and can be done using in-game tools.
  • Storage Access: A happy pet provides access to its storage space. Note that items stored in a pet are inaccessible if the pet becomes unhappy or is sold.

Pet Utilities

  • Energy Conservation: Pets prevent energy loss when changing maps.
  • Extra Storage: Happy pets offer additional storage space.
  • Increased Interaction Range: Pets with high speed can interact with objects from a greater distance.
  • Future PvP and Quests: Pets are expected to play a role in future PvP battles and quests.

Hatching and taking care of pets in Pixels Online adds a rich layer of strategy and enjoyment to the casual game. By following this guide, you'll be well on your way to becoming a proficient pet owner, ready to explore the benefits and joys pets bring to your Pixels adventure. Remember, the key to successful pet ownership lies in understanding pet stats, providing regular care, and utilizing their unique utilities to enhance your gameplay experience.

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March 8th 2024


March 8th 2024

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