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Pixel Guild is a platformer/dungeon crawler web based game. If you are an older gamer like myself, you’ll instantly get vibes from a very familiar platform game we played growing up, aka Super Mario. Even for younger gamers, this will instantly feel very familiar and fun to play. While the game is very easy to jump into and run amok, the skill ceiling moving forward into the levels increases quickly. Not just the level design will become more challenging, but also the monsters you will face become stronger and the puzzles more complicated.

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The well executed pixel art of Pixel Guild hits just the right spot in characters design as well as the various levels, and lives up to its name. With all the little details combined, the art and gameplay make this game one to remember. The themes are well executed throughout the various levels and each brings their own vibe and aesthetic which makes for a nice and pleasant experience.

The goal in Pixel Guild is to collect coins (gold) and puzzle your way out of the dungeon/level. Along the way you’ll find various monsters and traps that you’ll have to overcome. The likes of beartraps, bee hives, demons and many more. The level design itself presents puzzles and skill challenges to master in order to bring your dungeon crawling to a successful end. Floating platforms that drop after a short time, vines to swing from, and bounce pads to give you that much needed boost. Furthermore, some levels challenges you with small quests in the form of finding and retrieving necessary items to puzzle your way towards the next part of the dungeon.

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The question of what character are you playing as exactly might have crossed your mind by now. Have no fear as you’ll not be diving into this rough of an adventure as a mere peasant. Not at all, you’ll be exploring and dungeon delving as a true wizard. Starting off in a stereotypical blue robe and holding a wand, which you can customize with specific accessories throughout your journey. This wand is not for hitting enemies with but rather shoot fire balls from. Yup, you heard it right, fireball shooting wizard on a rampage. Taking care of all these dangerous enemies we spoke about earlier. Bear in mind there are some restrictions on the shooting of fireballs. For example, you wont be able to use that while in water.

If by luck or pure skill, you are able to collect coins and make it to the exit you will be handsomely rewarded as the gold coins you have earned will be claimable directly to your wallet. With these coins, you’ll be able to purchase Golden Keys with future utility and more items in the future.


All-in all, Pixel Guild is a very pleasant game to play and gives you a strong challenge the further you get into it. Currently, the game is limited to PvE and a PvP scoreboard on certain events that are hosted. The NFT characters are not yet playable in-game, but will be in the future which will add a nice way of playing the way you like and with the character(s) you enjoy how they look the most. Due to the limited amount of levels, it can become a bit repetitive to grind them daily in order to earn gold that doesn't really have a use case at the moment, which to me is a lost chance. Having said that, stacking them up from now might pay off at the end. The characters you meet along the levels you play offer a fun and interactive story to participate in or to just skip through if you are in a hurry. Looking forward to future releases of the game and hopefully a multiplayer aspect.

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Pixel Guild Review

Pixel Guild is a fun and challenging game with limited PvP events and a PvE mode. The NFT characters will be added in the future for more personalized gameplay. The repetitive daily grinding for gold without a current use case is a missed opportunity. The levels have interactive stories with characters, but a limited number of levels may become repetitive. Future releases with multiplayer aspect are anticipated.



Beautifully designed levels

Nostalgic and fun gameplay


Limited gameplay resulting in repetitive runs

Earned coins/keys have no utility at the time of writing

NFT characters not playable yet in game

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