Maximizing PRIME Earnings in Parallel: A Comprehensive Guide

A comprehensive guide on How to Maximize PRIME Earnings in Parallel.

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Set in a dystopian future, Parallel's storyline unfolds after a cataclysmic tragedy known as "The Event," forcing humanity to flee Earth. Players split into three expeditions to Mars, Europa, and the asteroid belt's outskirts.

Parallel stands out by combining traditional TCG mechanics with modern technology, utilizing NFTs and allowing collectors to have full ownership of their cards and game items. The game revolves around five factions or Parallels, enabling players to build decks and compete against each other.

Players can earn PRIME tokens, the utility tokens of the Echelon ecosystem, through gameplay. These tokens can be used for value transfer, rewards currency, and governance participation. A minimum of 40 cards is required to play, either from a single Parallel or a combination of Universal cards applicable to all decks.

Maximizing PRIME earnings in Parallel is a strategic endeavor that combines gameplay, collection, and alignment with factions. By understanding and utilizing these keys and avatars, you can unlock a world of rewards, exclusivity, and engagement. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer, this guide will walk you through the essential items and strategies to maximize your PRIME earnings. Let's dive in!

Parallel Avatars: Aligning with Your Faction

parallel avatars.png

  • Where to Get: Opensea - Parallel Avatars
  • Increase: Boosts PRIME earnings when using a matching faction deck.
  • Other Perks: Can be used in Parallel Colony once it is live.

Parallel Avatars are not just a visual delight; they are a strategic asset. By aligning your avatar with your faction deck, you can significantly boost your PRIME earnings. Plus, the future utility in Parallel Colony adds an exciting dimension to this investment.

Overclock Key: Winning Streaks Pay Off

  • Where to Get: Opensea - Parallel Alpha
  • Increase: Boosts PRIME earnings through win streaks.
  • Other Perks: Reservation for a physical collectible (TBD).

The Overclock Key rewards consistency and skill. If you're on a winning streak, this key will supercharge your PRIME earnings. The additional perk of a physical collectible adds a tangible connection to your virtual success.

Galaxy Key: Equip for Success

galaxy key.avif

  • Where to Get: Opensea - Parallel Alpha
  • Increase: Boosts PRIME earnings when equipped.
  • Other Perks: Access to Galaxy Faucet, opens periodically.

The Galaxy Key is a versatile tool that enhances PRIME earnings simply by equipping it. The access to the Galaxy Faucet adds an exclusive layer of engagement, making it a valuable asset.

Multifold Key: Collect and Earn


  • Where to Get: Opensea - Parallel Alpha
  • Increase: Boosts PRIME earnings with additional apparitions as NFTs.
  • Other Perks: Grants Collector's Edition / Prime Edition per comic drop.

The Multifold Key rewards collectors and enthusiasts. By owning additional apparitions as NFTs, you can multiply your PRIME earnings. The exclusive editions of comic drops make this key a must-have for fans.

Prismatic Key: Faction Victory Rewards

parallel prismatic key.webp

  • Where to Get: Opensea - Parallel Alpha
  • Increase: Boosts PRIME earnings when winning with the selected faction.
  • Other Perks: Reservation for Avatar.

The Prismatic Key aligns with your chosen faction, rewarding victories with enhanced PRIME earnings. The reservation for an Avatar adds a personalized touch to this key, making it a unique asset.

Gravity Key: The Mysterious Boost

  • Where to Get: Opensea - Parallel Alpha
  • Increase: Boosts PRIME earnings.
  • Other Perks: Yet to be revealed.

The Gravity Key is shrouded in mystery, but its ability to boost PRIME earnings is clear. Keep an eye on this key as future revelations may unlock even more value.

We wish you the best on your Parallel endeavors and for you to win against everyone who stands your way.

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