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Step into the world of One Fight Arena, where martial arts meets cutting-edge gaming technology. Developed by ONE Championship, Animoca Brands, and Notre Game, this mobile game offers an immersive experience with a focus on strategy and player development. Featuring a roster of world-class martial artists and optional Web3 integration, "One Fight Arena" redefines the boundaries of mobile gaming.

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Dive into the world of martial arts with "One Fight Arena," a groundbreaking mobile game developed through a collaboration between ONE Championship, Animoca Brands, and Notre Game. Set for a global launch in Q1 2024, this game is not just about action but strategy, offering a unique blend of martial arts and gaming.

Game Overview

One Fight Arena is a free-to-play mobile game that stands out in the sports gaming genre. It focuses on strategic gameplay, allowing players to experience the world of martial arts from a first-person perspective. The game features a robust roster of world-class martial artists, including legends like Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson and Rodtang “The Iron Man” Jitmuangnon.

Unlike traditional sports games, One Fight Arena emphasizes strategic elements over mere action. Players can develop their athlete from the start of their career, experiencing an immersive journey in the martial arts world. The game's first-person point of view adds to its immersive quality.

Web3 Integration and NFTs


One Fight Arena offers an optional Web3 integration, using blockchain technology and NFTs for true digital ownership of game assets. This feature allows players to own their digital assets, such as the in-game representation of ONE athletes, authentically and securely.

The game is designed to be inclusive, allowing players who do not wish to engage with the Web3 layer to still enjoy it as a traditional free-to-play mobile game. This ensures that all fans of martial arts and gaming can experience One Fight Arena regardless of their interest in NFTs.

How to Get Started

One Fight Arena is gearing up for a series of exciting playtests leading up to its anticipated global launch in Q1 2024. To participate in these exclusive playtest events, the game often hosts raffles and special events for its community members. To stay in the loop and learn about how to secure your spot in these playtests, make sure to follow their social media channels such as X and join the One Fight Arena Discord community, where all the details and mechanics for playtest participation are regularly announced.

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ONE Fight Arena

Developed in collaboration with ONE Championship, One Fight Arena is a groundbreaking mobile game that merges strategic martial arts gameplay with innovative Web3 technology, providing a unique gaming experience with a focus on digital ownership.


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