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Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure through the Earth Realm and Omnispirit Realm with Yeeha Games' latest mobile MMORPG, Oath of Peak. Inspired by the ancient Chinese text known as The Classic of Mountains and Seas, players join as Spirit Benders and explore a world full of gods, mythical creatures, and Spirit Beasts while uncovering the history of the Earth Realm.


The class system in Oath of Peak offers a diverse range of five different classes, each with their unique playstyles and combat techniques. Whether you prefer to be a healer or a melee assassin, there is a class for every player. The game's art style is breathtaking, with crisp building designs, lush vegetation, and cel-shading that complement the game's theme perfectly.

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The skill dynamics are robust and allow players to perfect one of three mastery paths and complete the corresponding Trail Quests to harness the full power of their mastery effect. Each character has five outfit slots, as well as slots for weapons, accessories, and rings, providing players with an opportunity to customize their characters to their liking.

Quests are at the heart of the gameplay. Players must complete tasks, collect items, fight enemies, and raid dungeons to earn experience points and gear. Spirit Beasts, which can be sealed, bred, and nurtured, also aid players in combat with their unique set of skills.

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Combat is action-based and real-time, requiring players to dodge oncoming attacks while using a combination of area-of-effect attacks, single-unit moves, and burst abilities to come out victorious. The guild system in Oath of Peak is vast, allowing for Player versus Player battles, as well as Guild versus Guild engagements.


Oath of Peak's vibrant world, cel-shading aesthetics, and adaptation of ancient literature make for an immersive and enjoyable MMORPG. The game provides a unique experience with its mechanics and diverse class system.

However, the game may be confusing for new players due to its steep learning curve, as they are not adequately introduced to the world, story, or combat mechanics. There is a heavy reliance on cutscenes to explain the narrative, which takes away from the thrill of world exploration. Additionally, once players reach a certain level, the game can become repetitive and overly reliant on the auto-battle feature.

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Oath of Peak Review

Oath of Peak offers an immersive MMORPG experience with its vibrant world, cel-shading aesthetics, and unique mechanics. Although it has a steep learning curve and can become repetitive at higher levels, the game is still an engaging choice for fans of the genre.



Art style is captivating and stands out on mobile

The setting of Medieval China trapped inside a fantasy realm is captured nicely

Spirit Beast add a unique dynamic to how players interact with the game and combat


The various systems the game presents can be confusing.There is a steep learning curve for newcomers

Combat can devolve into a series of auto-battle engagements

Game doesn't do a good job of presenting its narrative and why should players care

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Oath of Peak

Oath of Peak, a fantasy MMORPG with ancient mythology by Yeeha Games.


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