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Nyan Heroes is an online multiplayer third-person shooting game developed by 9 Lives Interactive. The company was founded in 2021 by Max Fu and includes people who have worked with companies such as Ubisoft and EA and games Destiny and Halo.

The lore for Nyan Heroes is based on an intelligent cat breed, Nyans, that rules the near future. Their technology is so advanced they manage to create powerful robots called Guardians with whom they also fuse their cat DNA with to increase the Guardians abilities. This started a fertilization process in the Nyans causing a high amount of casualties and the small number of survivors went underground to rebuild the city. After some time they come across a rare and powerful material called Nyanite. This helped them stop the fertilization and rebuild the city on how they envisioned it.

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Currently the game is available to play for the Ranked alpha mode on the Epic Games Store. The hardware requirements to run Nyan heroes are not too high, meaning that budget and older machines will be able to run this game. 


This shooter game features PVP matches lasting approximately 15-20 minutes, with a maximum of  6v6 players across three different maps. Victory is achieved by capturing and maintaining control of objectives within a set time limit. Players can choose from nine different weapons, each affecting certain Guardian special abilities. Characters can also climb walls 

One Guardian, Seraph can turn invisible, providing a significant advantage. Additionally, Seraph can heal teammates and themselves. The other playable Guardians are Ghost, Atlas, and Spartan.

  • Ghost can teleport forward and can remain airborne while attacking with daggers. They can also deploy a turret with different firing modes based on their equipped weapon.
  • Atlas serves as the tank, able to generate various shields for self and team protection. The shield type varies depending on the equipped weapon, offering close protection with explosive weapons and distant protection with assault rifles or snipers.
  • Spartan specializes in quicker reloading and health regeneration, with a powerful long-range punch ability. Their special ability launches a barrage of missiles over a large area, dealing substantial damage to opponents.
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If a player's Mech is destroyed, they transform into a smaller cat form (nyan form) with limited health and a basic weapon. Respawning the Mech takes up to 20 seconds, with the timer resettable by eliminating opponents.


Nyan Heroes excels in providing entertainment in this multiplayer shooting game whether you are a casual player or pro. Although, if you are not new to games it might take you a bit of time to get your head around it since there is no tutorial for the game. There’s a couple minor issues that could be fixed including when the Ghost Guardian teleports it can get stuck inside a structure. This is expected with the game being in alpha stage.

However the graphics are of great quality, the audio design of the weapons and movement are well made, the visual effect of the weapons and any associated characters as you would expect from a high quality title. Another small issue is when it comes to climbing mechanics where it can cancel your climb but overall the climbing machining is superbly done.In regards to the sound design of the game, there are little to no issues on this side and most of the SFX to gun mechanics are well designed and match their looks and feel.

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When it comes to gameplay, the game is of a high standard in a lot of areas for the stage it is in. An example of this is how Atlas’ shield ability can change depending on the weapon that is equipped. Creating tons of combinations to see what works for you and your team. Having a deeper level of dynamics within the gameplay creates an objective capturing shooter that does not get boring to play.

Having Atlas with a rocket launcher creating a bubble shield so he can protect the group or the objective while the Seraph stays inside and heals the group is just one of the cool little combinations that comes to mind for this game. Overall, I would give the game a rating of 8/10 due to the high quality gameplay, graphics and sound design. There are a few areas in which Nyan Heroes could improve on however for an alpha stage game, this is extremely well made and provides a ton of fun and has been commonly called one of web3s top shooters. 

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Nyan Heroes Review

Nyan Heroes has created an exciting game which many have come to love albeit being in its alpha stages. Once the small bugs are fixed and the additional updates are made such as the rumoured addition of two new mechs, this game will be one to keep an eye on. With its well designed graphics, immersive gameplay, and high replayability this title scores a high 8/10.



Great dynamic gameplay

Stable alpha build

High replayability

Excellent graphics


No tutorial

Minor bugs and glitches

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About Nyan Heroes

Nyan Heroes

Nyan Heroes is a AAA play-and-earn third person shooter (TPS) built on the Solana blockchain.




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