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Enter the world of Novopangea, a universe where strategy and storytelling collide. Players take on roles as architects of their own saga, engaging in deep tactical gameplay while collectively steering the narrative and evolution of an expansive, player-driven world.

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Welcome to Novopangea, where every click, every decision, and every strategy breathes life into an expansive universe powered by blockchain technology. Novopangea is under the Strategy and MMO game genres, mixed with elements of Role-Playing and Economic Simulation. This mix of genres offers a rich blend of gameplay mechanics, from deep strategic planning and resource management to immersive role-playing and community-driven development

Game Lore

The narrative of Novopangea begins with the genesis story of Zine, the Creator of Creators, emphasizing balance and unity. The world of Novopangea is divided into six realms: Earth, Light, Shadow, Space, Time, and Water. Each realm is rooted in unique elements and philosophies, offering diverse environments and challenges for players to explore. The story of Novopangea is one of creation, division, alliance, and the quest for harmony, with the community's decisions driving the evolution of this saga.

The Six Realms:

  • Earth Realm: Embraces nature and communal living.
  • Light Realm: Values order, beauty, and craftsmanship.
  • Shadow Realm: Thrives in serenity and cultural richness, beneath the surface.
  • Space Realm: Known for its military prowess and advanced infrastructure.
  • Time Realm: A place where time is fluid, and intellect and wonderment are valued.
  • Water Realm: A maritime society that cherishes the sea's bounty and vibrant community life.

Gameplay and Features 

The core Novopangea gameplay loop is an economy management system game where it revolves around the intricate balance of producing, managing, and trading resources. Players are introduced to the game's economy where they can own parcels of land, upon which they can construct various buildings, from resource-producing farms to strategic military outposts. These assets are pivotal elements that contribute to a player's success and influence within Novopangea.

Obsidian serves as the cornerstone of the game's economy, acting as the primary currency that fuels transactions, trades, and development. This in-game currency opens avenues for players to engage in a bustling market, buying, selling, and trading resources to bolster their economic standing. The strategic acquisition and management of Obsidian enable players to expand their territories, enhance their buildings, and secure a competitive edge in the game's evolving marketplace.

Land Ownership

The acquisition and management of land serve as the foundational strategy for any player looking to make their mark in Novopangea. Choosing where to establish your base and expand your territory involves considering resource availability, strategic position, and long-term growth potential. Each parcel of land owned is a step towards building your empire, influencing your economic capabilities and your ability to engage with other players and the environment.

Building Development

Once you've secured land, the focus shifts to constructing buildings that will form the backbone of your economy and defense. Buildings in Novopangea vary in function, offering paths to resource generation, technological research, military strength, and more. Strategic placement and development of these structures are vital, as they directly affect your productivity, security, and influence within the game. Balancing the needs for economic growth, technological advancement, and defense requires thoughtful planning and prioritization.

Skilled Workers

The role of skilled workers in Novopangea cannot be overstated. These critical assets power your buildings, harvest resources, and protect your domain. Effective management of your workforce is essential, as it involves matching the right workers with appropriate tasks to maximize efficiency and output. Strategic decisions about worker training, allocation, and deployment can lead to significant advantages, whether by enhancing resource production, improving building efficiency, or strengthening your defensive capabilities.

Web3 Integration

Novopangea thrives on its community's active participation, where every player's decision can influence the game's future. By voting on key storylines and game developments, players directly impact Novopangea's journey, shaping its narrative and environment. It's a system where your voice truly matters.

At the heart of this system is the $NOVO token, giving players a real stake in the game's decisions. Owning $NOVO tokens means you can vote on important matters, from setting economic policies to deciding on new features or expansions. This setup keeps the game's direction in the hands of its players, ensuring a community-driven development process.

For trading game assets, Novopangea uses the Atomic Hub marketplace, which requires a Wax wallet. Players interested in trading will find a straightforward guide to setting up a Wax wallet, ensuring everyone can participate fully in Novopangea’s economy and governance.

How to Get Started

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Step 1: Create a Wax Wallet

To interact with Novopangea’s digital assets and participate in the game, players must first create a Wax wallet. This wallet will hold your in-game assets and facilitate transactions within Novopangea.

Step 2: Acquire Game Packs

Players can purchase various game packs via the Novopangea website. These packs contain digital cards that grant players assets and Creator Credits, which can be used to redeem in-game items.

Step 3: Claim Your Game Assets

After accumulating Creator Credits, visit the Novopangea Hub to redeem them for game assets. This process allows players to personalize their gaming experience and prepare for their adventure in Novopangea.

Step 4: Dive into the Game

With a Wax wallet set up and assets in hand, players can access Novopangea through its official platform. This marks the beginning of your exploration and participation in the vibrant world of Novopangea.

About Novopangea



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Novopangea is a web3 MMO where strategic gameplay meets a community-driven narrative, allowing players to shape the game world through decision-making and resource management.