Wilder World Releases Stunning Wiami Gameplay Walkthrough

Wilder World came out with a stunning gameplay walkthrough of what it feels like to spend a day in Wiami.

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Wilder World was revealed to the public in the midst of 2020, and the studio decided to kick off the new year with an exciting trailer showcasing what it feels like to wake up and live in the futuristic city of Wiami. The busy city is at the heart of the game's universe, and will be the main destination for your missions and other actions.

The trailer kicks off with your character waking up in its apartment, and walking up to their computer desk to configure your trust assistant robot. From there, it prompts you with the latest interdimensional threat that managed to enter Wilder World. You take it upon yourself to investigate the incident. There are points within that sequence that eludes towards your choices leading to more branching conversations as some of the prompts in the conversation with your robot could have potentially lead to more information on what is happening or why this creature is within our world.

Wilder World is a virtual reality platform that combines the power of Ethereum, Unreal Engine, and ZERO to create a photorealistic, 5D metaverse. Within Wilder World, users can access the Wilder World Metaverse Market (WWMM), a system for buying and selling non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that come to life within the metaverse.

Wilder World's goal from the very start was clear, and it is to support and empower creative individuals and communities through generous incentives, profit sharing, and open protocols. The potential for growth and development within the Wilder World ecosystem is limitless. The above trailer shows the incredibly stunning visuals and expansive city the development team has been working on. Nonetheless, a lot more gameplay has to be shown for players to be occupied within such a large city, otherwise, it will feel empty rather quickly.

What did you think of the Wilder World trailer? Are you excited for the game's future within 2023?

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