WAGMI Games Teams Up with Altura for New NFT Marketplace

Discover WAGMI Marketplace, a user-friendly NFT trading hub. $WAGMIGAMES and $BYTES now accepted, enhancing the trading experience for collectors.

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In a strategic collaboration, WAGMI Games and Altura have launched the WAGMI Marketplace. This in-house platform, now live on the WAGMI Games website, provides users with a centralized space for trading digital collectibles.

The WAGMI Marketplace hosts various collections, including the WAGMI Games Genesis NFT Collection, NiFe Wars Comic Collection, and WAGMI Games Founder’s Packs. Traders can utilize the $WAGMIGAMES token as a payment method, enabling smooth transactions with the option to receive WAGMI Games tokens upon successful sales.

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MAGMI Marketplace

In a move to broaden currency options, a partnership with Alex Becker and Neo Tokyo introduces $BYTES as an alternative payment method on the WAGMI Marketplace. This strategic collaboration enhances flexibility for traders, showcasing the cooperative efforts of WAGMI Games, Altura, Alex Becker, and Neo Tokyo.

Altura's expertise is evident in the WAGMI Marketplace's user-friendly interface and streamlined processes. This collaboration ensures users can navigate the platform effortlessly, effectively showcasing their digital collectibles with just a few clicks.

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While the WAGMI Marketplace becomes the designated space for trading, it's important to note that all three collections - WAGMI Games Genesis, NiFe Wars Comic, and Founder’s Packs - will continue to be available on OpenSea, underscoring WAGMI Games' commitment to providing options for their community.

Khaled Salem, the Chief Technology Officer at WAGMI Games, expressed optimism about the collaboration with Altura, stating, “Coding the future of play, one line at a time. Our collaboration with Altura marks a significant step towards a seamless and user-centric WAGMI Marketplace, where the WAGMI Games community can trade digital collectibles effortlessly. Together, we’re scripting success in the world of NFTs.”

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The WAGMI Marketplace not only streamlines the trading process but also offers a more native and organized experience for collectors, emphasizing WAGMI Games and Altura's dedication to delivering value to the NFT community.

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February 18th 2024


January 24th 2024

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