Undead Blocks Ups The Stakes with $15K Tournament

Undead Blocks is back yet again with a weekly tournament. This time the stakes are higher than ever before with $15K up for grabs.

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Undead Blocks is raising the bar for this week's free-to-play tournament with $15K up for grabs for those who have what it takes. The first person zombies shooter has announced their Immutable X’s layer 2 integration to power their in-game skins economy. This tournament comes after Genblock Capital’s AKM Assault, our very own MP5 Massacre, Immutable X MP5 Massacre, and the previous week's Active World Club tournament. All of which offered a $10K prize pools.

The tournament runs from September 9th to September 11th, offering players 72 hours of zombie slaying mayhem. The $15K prize pool will be split across the top 4,000 players, giving more entries the chance to walk away with a portion no matter how small. The CMtopdog Massacre won't need any NFTs to participate, as common with Undead Blocks tournaments so far. All you need to do is make sure to download the latest Beta build from the website prior to the competition start time and enjoy one of the best shooter games in web3 gaming.

We got the chance to sit down with Grant Haseley, Executive Director of Wagyu Games & Undead Blocks, for an exclusive interview and managed to get a ton of info on what is next for the title. We managed to get new information on the uncapped Survival mode for the true Call of Duty Zombies grinders, the upcoming new zombie types, how the Prestige ranking will work, a potential battle pass, and much more new details on the future of Undead Blocks.

What is your highest leaderboard placement across all Undead Blocks tournaments so far? Which weapon other than the MP5 do you want to see in the game's upcoming tournament?

Make sure to check out our Undead Blocks guide before the daily earnings kick in.

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