Ultra Games Marks 25th April as Official Launch Date

Ultra Games, the cutting-edge PC game store, is going live on the 25th of April, offering a seamless gaming experience, tokenized games, and much more.

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Ultra Games announced the official launch of its game store, opening to the public on the 25th of April at 4 pm UTC. After a successful closed beta with over 1,000 players, Ultra Games is ready to redefine the gaming experience with its innovative platform and features.

The Ultra Games store will be the third app within the Ultra client, joining the Uniq Marketplace and the Ultra Wallet. These apps work together to create a complete, interconnected ecosystem for players, offering seamless access to games and digital assets.

Ultra Games aims to set a new standard for PC game stores with its fun-first approach and a captivating catalog of games from esteemed game studios, indie developers, and game publishers. Partnerships with industry leaders like Skybound, Microids, Fulqrum, and Plug in Digital enable Ultra Games to offer an extensive range of games across all genres, including Lords of The Fallen, WRC 7, and Cards of Ethernity.

One of the core features of the Ultra ecosystem is game tokenization, which grants players true ownership of their games by converting game licenses into digital tokens (Uniqs). This allows players to resell their games on the Uniq Marketplace or any other marketplace with Ultra's Uniq standard, as long as the game developer enables resellable games.

In addition to game tokenization, Ultra is working on tokenizing in-game assets as Uniqs, giving gamers even more control and flexibility over their gaming experiences. This will lead to exciting new possibilities, such as trading Uniqs with other players on the Uniq Marketplace, utilizing their unique features in-game, or simply collecting and showcasing them.

Download the Ultra client on the 25th of April and dive into the next-generation game store built for gamers, by gamers.

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