TreasureDAO Launches New Game Studio, Darkbright Studios

TreasureDAO launches an ecosystem-native game studio, Darkbright Studios, to power Smolverse's first game title, Smolville from the ground up.

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Darkbright Studios, a new game development studio from TreasureDAO, has been announced as the one leading the charge on Smolverse's game development. The newly found studio shared their approach to game design through their upcoming game, Smolville. They emphasize the importance of Narrative Design, which is the difference between being told a story and experiencing one. They are currently in between the concept and Game Design Document phase, where they are fleshing out the game's features and mechanics.

Their Game Design Document contains the full breadth of lore and game mechanics they envision for the game. They structure it into an introduction, high level concept, audience, game pillars, tone, and world setting. The world setting is particularly important as it directly impacts all aspects of game-making from mechanics to colors. For Smolville, Darkbright Studios has shared a sneak peek of the lore which includes the twist that the player's home is on the back of a giant, flying whale. Players are tasked with gathering friends, resources, and keeping their whale happy and healthy as they perpetually seek greener pastures in a world that is forever fending off comical threats.

Darkbright Studios is also diagramming various progressions they are considering in the gameplay and refining them. For instance, they are exploring multiple approaches to how an NPC's relationship with the player may evolve. With Narrative Design at the forefront of their game development process, Smolville is shaping up to be a unique and immersive gaming experience.

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September 21st 2023


March 4th 2023