The Sandbox Game April Festival Kicks Off with Tons of Rewards

Join The Sandbox Game's April Festival to earn rewards, including SAND, NFTs, and LANDs. Complete quests, own LANDs, or avatars to be eligible for various reward pools!

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The Sandbox Game is kicking off its April Festival from 5th April to 2nd May, offering players a chance to earn global rewards, extra rewards for April Festival Avatar owners, and April Festival LAND owners. Participants have the opportunity to win SAND, NFTs, or LANDs with a total value of 250,000 SAND in each mystery box.

To be eligible for the April Festival Mystery Box, you need to complete 200 quests of the quests in April Festival experiences. The total reward pool amounts to 1,150,000 SAND, with prizes allocated to different categories: 250,000 SAND for the Mystery Box; 150,000 SAND for LAND owners; 150,000 SAND for Avatar owners, and 600,000 SAND in various upcoming events.

The Mystery Box contains either a SAND pack or an NFT, with a wide variety of NFTs from popular collections such as Gutter Cat, CyberKongz VX, World of Women, and more.

To register for the 150K Avatar owners or 150K LAND owners prize pool, you need to own an avatar from the eligible collections or a LAND, have a KYC'd account on The Sandbox Website, and complete 200 quests in the events.

Don't miss your chance to participate in The Sandbox Game's April Festival and win amazing rewards. What do you think of the event? What other NFT collections you wanted to see featured in the April Festival?

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September 6th 2023


April 5th 2023

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