The Phantom Galaxies Beta: Friends of Zorran Goes Live

Take part in the exciting Phantom Galaxies Beta journey, with new features like updated Starfighter classes, multiplayer, Heat system, and randomized avatars.

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The Beta stage of Phantom Galaxies is now live. Drawing from lessons learned and feedback gathered during the Alpha stage, the Beta stage aims to refine and augment the overall Phantom Galaxies experience. The first group to access this crucial development phase comprises of the owners of the 'Zorran’s Favour' NFT.

Within this Beta phase, players will be treated to an enhanced retelling of the initial Alpha adventures, complete with new and updated features. Foremost among these are the extensively revised Starfighter classes which now possess a new array of abilities and formidable Ultimate powers. Furthermore, a networked multiplayer function has been integrated, allowing players aboard the Halberd-001 to interact with each other, facilitated by a newly introduced emote wheel for expressive communication.

A significant shift in the gameplay mechanics involves the introduction of the Heat system, which replaces the previous Energy concept. This newly minted feature is designed to simulate the real-time impacts of each in-game action on a Starfighter's Heat level. Players must expertly balance their actions to avoid potential overheating, while reaching optimal Heat levels can yield Ultimate boosts. This system encapsulates the dynamic decision-making and strategic risk-taking involved in a Starfighter pilot experience.

In order to infuse personalization into the gaming experience, randomized player Avatars with optimized art styles have also been introduced. This enhancement allows each player to embark on a unique Ranger adventure tailored to their persona.

Accessing the Beta stage is simple: own a 'Zorran’s Favour' NFT, go to the official website's download page, generate and copy your beta access code, download and install the Phantom Galaxies Launcher, and enter your unique access code upon loading the game. Once you've successfully logged in, prepare to explore the mesmerizing world of Phantom Galaxies.

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September 6th 2023


May 19th 2023

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