Tearing Spaces Community Update Highlights Gameplay Changes

Tearing Spaces recaps a variety of gameplay and interface changes in their latest community update blog post.

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Tearing Spaces, the 3v3 competitive game, is set to deliver an epic gaming experience with the latest updates from its development team. The team has been working hard to bring players thrilling gameplay enhancements that will keep them engaged and entertained for hours on end.

Some of the highlights from the latest update include the development of treasure chest, asset synthesis, and weapon forging functions, as well as the packaging of the Mac version tournament. The team has also implemented UE's hot reload function and made significant progress on the production of NFT avatars, Brolin avatar reset, small animal avatar design, and TS avatar modifications.

In addition, the team has been continuously updating special effects, weapon skill modifications, and reset modifications of opening box BUFF special effects, completing UI animation for game treasure chest progress, related model bindings, and adding new animations. They have also completed the production of the treasure chest, registration, and weapon-forging interfaces, and are currently working on NFT model production and furniture original design.

Players can expect even more excitement in the future as the team works on hero talent modification production, in-game mechanism production, and the treasure chest system, which will undergo online testing next week. The team is also working on the scene: Homestead system in production, providing players with even more opportunities for adventure and exploration.

Players can look forward to playing Tearing Spaces on both desktop and mobile platforms, as well as enjoying the completed single-player part of the game. The team has also ensured that in-game and BOSS turning mechanism are well-handled, making gameplay even more exciting.

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September 21st 2023


March 6th 2023

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