Star Atlas Showroom R2.1 Update Promises In-Game Marketplace and Volant Station Map

Get ready for the Star Atlas Showroom R2.1 update featuring performance optimization, in-game marketplace integration, new race items, and much more.

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Star Atlas Showroom is gearing up for its R2.1 update, bringing a range of enhancements and new features to the game. The update includes performance optimization, analytics improvements, main menu and HUD updates, and the integration of an in-game marketplace.

The Volant Station map now features a ground racetrack with completed level design and various racing attributes added. The marketplace is undergoing UI implementation and will soon be ready for players to explore.

Ship flight model improvements are in progress, with gravity being defined per ship and a hoverbike friction overhaul to simulate oversteer and understeer. Text chat is now available with global chats in the UI, and a character customization tool is under development, with save and load features coming soon.

Other updates include bug fixes for the gamepad control, UI tweaks for the ground race track, replication fixes, multiplayer lobby, leaderboards, and celebration features. The train experience is undergoing bug fixing, and new race items such as Chaff & Wall are being introduced. Five new raceable ships (Airbike, Jet, Jetjet, Lowbie, Unibomba) are being added, each with unique flight profiles, stats, and bonuses. Enemy AI will now use GAS (Gameplay Ability System) for enhanced gameplay experience.

Upcoming activities include the completion of release 2.1 scope, texture fixes for various ships, marketplace mockups, title screen updates, HUD updates, character animation, and character selection VFX. Stay tuned for these exciting updates and improvements in the Star Atlas Showroom R2.1 update

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September 6th 2023


April 23rd 2023

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