Star Atlas Reveals Future Updates for Showroom and Star Atlas Golden Era

Star Atlas' latest development blog update lays out tons of details on what fans should expect from the studio throughout 2023.

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Star Atlas, the GAM3 Awards Best Graphics winner, recently published their 15th Atlas Star issue. It included tons of information on what the studio is working on and what their plans are for 2023. The Showroom is going to get a lot of love throughout the year, while strategy lovers will get their dose as well with scheduled SAGE playtests to gather feedback on its Movement and Coordinate System.

To begin with, in the upcoming R2.1 update, the Showroom will be moved to the latest stable version of Unreal Engine 5.1. This update will improve the user experience by enabling world partition, resulting in a seamless and infinite world without loading screens. In addition, bugs such as the infinite speed glitch will be fixed, and a flight trainer will be introduced to refine piloting skills. The UE5 environment will also include six new ships with polished interiors, namely the Opal Jet, Opal JetJet, Opal JetJetJet, Fimbul Lowbie, Pearce X6, Fimbul Airbike, and Fimbul BYOS Packlite. This update is expected to increase the overall performance of the build, leading to a smoother metaverse experience. Furthermore, the Galactic Marketplace will be integrated into the Showroom, providing real-time purchase of spaceships.

Moving on to the R2.2 update, competitive multiplayer ground racing will be added, where players can race with up to seven other friends on an immersive track surrounding Volant Station. Players will be able to shoot and disable their opponents while dodging and sliding through the showroom. Jetpacks will also be included in the update, allowing players to fly around Volant Station like Iron Man. The infrastructure will scale significantly, providing high-performance game servers that can accommodate up to one thousand players in a single instance, making it easy for guilds to reunite and enjoy blasting each other.

Finally, R3 will be released towards the end of the year, during Solana Breakpoint. While details about this update are limited, it will focus on PVP features, coupled with on-chain rewards, and the construction of a massive and mysterious Warp Gate visible in the skies above the station.

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Meanwhile, Star Atlas Golden Era, also known as SAGE, is a one-of-a-kind game that requires players and their guilds to coordinate and use their intelligence. The game is built entirely on the Solana blockchain, making it accessible to anyone with a web browser. SAGE offers a captivating mix of free-market economics, politics, and the exciting lore of the Galia Expanse, making it an unforgettable experience.

The initial step is to stress test the Movement and Coordinate System contract. As development progresses, there will be more information about this groundbreaking accomplishment. You will have the chance to be the first to experience it. This test phase may continue until the spatial system is fully calibrated. Following the Movement and Coordinate System test, the Mining and Crafting contracts will be introduced, followed by the highly anticipated Combat protocols.

What are you most excited for in 2023 from Star Atlas? What else do you want to see?

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September 21st 2023


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