Star Atlas Pre-Season Showroom R2 Goes Live

Star Atlas launches its pre-season showroom R2 with massive upgrades since September's footage, featuring multiplayer, dogfighting in space, and air track racing.

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Web3 gaming has its standouts, and Star Atlas is definitely one of them. The GAM3 Awards Best Graphics winner has launched its pre-season Showroom R2, featuring a fully revamped Unreal Engine 5 environment and giving players a glimpse of the fascinating title's multiplayer, dogfighting in space, and air track racing.

The community witnessed its first showroom footage back in September, and since then, a lot has changed and been upgraded to fit in the progress achieved by the development studio, ATMTA, Inc.. First off, Volant Station has been transformed with a long list of upgrades and enhanced functionality in the new Showroom. Volant Station grounds have been expanded with more landing pads and vast amounts of space for players to freely wander in and soak in visually stunning environment around them.

Players will have to battle in a PvE mode for the Dogfighting Arena mode, where each of your enemies will use a different strategy and ship. Through the twists and turns of the aerial track, players will get to experience what it is like to engage in massive scale and high stakes space combat sequence. All while pushing the limits of their ships for the first time.

Once you are back at the showroom, everyone can summon and interact with Floyd Liners for free. Calico MedTech and Pearce X4 owners can also summon fleets and fly them through space. This is where multiplayer kicks in. R2 is the first module in Star Atlas to offer live multiplayer functionality with the ability to invite up to seven of your friends to join you simultaneously in the Showroom.

If you haven't yet, you can go straight to the Epic Games Store and download it right away. However, it is worth noting you will need to obtain at least the first badge in Faction Fleet simply through committing your loyalty to one of the game's factions.

What do you think of the footage you have seen of Star Atlas so far? Have you gotten the chance to jump into the showroom yet?

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September 21st 2023


December 21st 2022

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