Star Atlas Introduces Escape Velocity with On-chain Movement

Experience revolutionary real-time on-chain movement in the tech preview of Star Atlas: Golden Era (SAGE) and collect valuable loot as you navigate the game.

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Star Atlas is set to make history with Escape Velocity, a tech preview of SAGE (Star Atlas: Golden Era), which features revolutionary real-time on-chain movement. Players can test this innovative technology while collecting valuable loot throughout the gaming process.

Using this real-time technology, players can simultaneously fly across deep space in Star Atlas and through the live Solana blockchain, uncovering loot as they go. Star Atlas has adjusted the loot probabilities, making it easier for players to find items more frequently.

Escape Velocity offers more than just loot collecting; it also introduces:

  • An 'observe' mode for watching spaceship fleet movements in real-time
  • The high-fidelity Star Atlas soundtrack that fans know and love
  • Exciting and engaging gameplay details

Star Atlas development is committed to being open to feedback and constructive input from its community. In Escape Velocity, community members' ideas and suggestions have already led to improvements in the gameplay mechanics of ship scanning.

Get ready to explore the galaxy with the innovative real-time on-chain movement of Escape Velocity in Star Atlas: Golden Era (SAGE). Visit Star Atlas Sage website to begin your journey.

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September 6th 2023


April 28th 2023

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