Star Atlas Galactic Marketplace 2.0 Goes Live

Star Atlas releases their Galactic Marketplace 2.0 update, allowing players to filter sub-categories, market price prompts, and more.

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Star Atlas brings players to the year 2620, and the team just updated their Galactic Marketplace to reflect the futuristic world everyone is about to be part of. The Galactic Marketplace 2.0 is currently live. This is crucial for a smoother experience considering the only segment of the platform eager players can interact with at the moment is Faction Fleet where you can choose your faction and deploy your spaceships on missions to earn rewards.

Luciano Castillo, Director of Product Design, commented on how user feedback from the initial version was fundamental in how developing the 2.0 update and shaped the direction of it all. The filters now present allow for a much smoother interface, enabling players to search for very specific Star Atlas items within sub-categories. Additional features directed towards traders include a prompt when buying or selling below the market price to make sure you are aware of the price you are about to buy the asset at or sell it for respectively.

The CEO of ATMTA, Star Atlas lead development studio, shared his thoughts on the new marketplace and how it plays an integral role in the entire Star Atlas experience as a whole. He clarified towards the end how the marketplace’s importance will become clearer in the future and how it allows everyone to become a contributing member to the game’s economic system.

“The New Marketplace is the strongest tool for peace in the galaxy. We of ATMTA developed this network so that every individual will be integrated instantaneously through a chain of logistic affiliated businesses to allow the acquisition and sale of goods from every single terminal connected to our system. This serves a dual purpose, to spread wealth across the galaxy, allowing everyone to participate in our economic system, and to entwine the economic interests of every person and institution in the galaxy. If people don’t serve the cause of peace from a moral standpoint, let us make it deeply hurtful for everyone if they want to start a war.”

Star Atlas is a perfect combination of EVE Online, Star Citizen, and No Man’s Sky. The stakes are high with what they promise to deliver as a fully-fledged MMORPG , but if everything works out as laid out in their initial teasers, we are in for one interesting intergalactic experience.

Let us know in the comments section below which faction did you choose and how easy it is to use the marketplace right now after the new update.

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September 21st 2023


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