Star Atlas' Escape Velocity Achieves Record 80 Million In-Game Transactions on Solana

Star Atlas' Escape Velocity feature concludes with an impressive 80 million total in-game transactions, highlighting the powerful potential of real-time on-chain gaming on Solana.

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A Milestone in On-Chain Gaming

Star Atlas' Escape Velocity (EV), a real-time on-chain movement gameplay feature, has achieved an impressive milestone of over 80 million total in-game transactions. This innovative feature, which debuted on the Solana blockchain in April 2023, concluded on July 7, 2023, gaining widespread recognition for its groundbreaking design.

Players navigated their spaceships across 10,000 sectors of deep space, scanning their surroundings to uncover abundant loot. The feature saw over 9,000 wallets connecting during its availability, contributing to the high transaction volume. Notably, Escape Velocity accounted for 18.7% of total transactions on the Solana blockchain during individual in-game events and represented 3.2% of daily Solana transaction volume on average over its 72-day period.

This achievement builds upon Star Atlas' history of innovative features, such as the introduction of ground racing and an expanded fleet in the R2.1 update, and the partnership with MetaGravity to support over 30,000 concurrent players in a single game environment.

Enhancing Future Game Development

Escape Velocity was designed as a large-scale stress test to enhance the resilience of future game development. With continuous evolution and integration of surge and social in-game events, it provided a rich gaming experience, serving as the primary resource gathering method in Star Atlas and fortifying the in-game economy.

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Our aim with Escape Velocity was to ease the entry into true on-chain gaming for players, and we've seen tremendous success in player engagement and learned valuable lessons for future Star Atlas game features.

Michael Wagner, Star Atlas co-founder and CEO of ATMTA, Inc.

This commitment to community-driven development is evident in Star Atlas' introduction of DAO proposals for effective gaming governance, which empowers players to directly influence the evolution of the metaverse.

Impressive Numbers and Ecosystem Highlights

During its operation, Escape Velocity generated a total of 80,611,980 on-chain transactions, with the final two weeks recording an average daily transaction volume of 4.8% of the total Solana transactions. The cost for these transactions totaled only 372.6 SOL (equivalent to 7,940.1 USD as of July 10, 2023), translating to approximately 0.0001 USD per transaction - a fraction of the cost compared to other blockchains.

Escape Velocity attracted 8,570 distinct players, with 6,767 finding prizes. The players combined for a total of 242,516 hours of gameplay, with an average of 28.3 hours spent navigating deep space. The gameplay feature also contributed to the Star Atlas economy, with EV-only wallets selling 68,487 in ATLAS daily and collecting 177.6 thousand ATLAS of resources (R4) per day.

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The fully on-chain gameplay of Escape Velocity not only provided open access to its Solana program and real-time game data but also inspired builders in the Star Atlas ecosystem to develop tools for visualizing in-game loot drops and fleet movements across space.

Star Atlas' Escape Velocity has set a new standard for on-chain gaming, demonstrating the potential of blockchain technology in creating immersive and interactive gaming experiences. The success of this feature bodes well for the future of Star Atlas and the broader blockchain gaming industry.

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