Space Nation Alpha Test 2.0 Officially Live

Space Nation Alpha Test 2.0 goes live with 10 vs 10 battles and tons of new features for players to enjoy.

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Space Nation is gearing up for its Alpha Test 2.0. Set against the serene vastness of the universe, players are poised for high-intensity 10v10 player-versus-player battles. The backdrop paints a contrasting picture: while the cosmos appears peaceful, beneath its veil awaits a clash of cosmic proportions. Two massive motherships, each leading formidable fleets, foreshadow the grandeur of the looming confrontation.

Participants in this test will join a team of 10, competing head-to-head with another equally equipped squad. The primary objective? Achieve victory through earning points via ship destruction. It's crucial to underline, however, that the 10v10 format is experimental. Space Nation assures that the final game will boast a more diverse and dynamic experience.

One of the distinct features of Alpha Test 2.0 is its integration of content from the previous test, Alpha Test 1.0. By marrying the best elements of both versions, players are guaranteed a richer and more thrilling gaming experience. They won't just be partaking in fresh cosmic battles but will also experience a seamless blend of elements from the previous test.

As players prepare for this cosmic combat, they will have an array of spacecraft to choose from. The lineup includes the T0 Gray Fox, T1 Enforcer, and the T2 Humpback. Each ship, with its unique specifications and capabilities, caters to a different strategic approach. Players will have the opportunity to select their preferred spacecraft through the in-game dock manager, Sasha.

Strategies and tactics will play a pivotal role in the 10v10 matches. Fostering teamwork, employing coordinated strikes, and leveraging various combat maneuvers will determine the difference between victory and defeat. The game encourages players to utilize communication tools provided in Alpha Test 2.0 for optimal teamwork and synchronization.

For those keen to access Alpha Test 2.0, the process is simple and streamlined. Prospective players must visit the official website, log in, connect their wallets, and follow the subsequent steps. The final phase involves entering the harbor lobby to access the 10v10 battle arena.


October 18th 2023


October 17th 2023

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