Sega and Double Jump Tokyo Revive Sangokushi Taisen Through Battle of Three Kingdoms

Learn how Sega and Double Jump Tokyo are collaborating to bring the iconic Sangokushi Taisen IP to web3.

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In a recent interview with Shuji Utsumi (COO of SEGA) and Hironobu Ueno (CEO of Double Jump Tokyo), the two dive into the world of web3 and share exciting development updates from Battle of Three Kingdoms. This exciting venture breathes new life into the iconic Sangokushi Taisen franchise and offers a unique blend of web3 technology, engaging gameplay, and captivating content. In this article, we unpack the captivating discussion, offering insights and analyses of what the future holds for web3 gaming.

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Embracing the Legacy of Three Kingdoms

The roots of Battle of Three Kingdoms can be traced back to the beloved Japanese manga "Sangokushi," created by the well-known artist Mitsuteru Yokoyama. Hironobu Ueno, CEO of Double Jump Tokyo, shared his profound connection with the historical IP. While Shuji Utsumi, SEGA's COO, revealed his unique source of inspiration, the Super Kabuki play "Shin Sangokushi." 

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I first encountered Three Kingdoms in the Japanese manga Sangokushi by the famous manga artist Mitsuteru Yokoyama. At the time, many people around me didn’t know much about world history but were familiar with the generals in Sangokushi. As for my favorite Sangokushi chapters, I like the ‘Sanko no Rei’ episode, in which Liu Bei, who was in his 40s and already well-known at the time, shows his gratitude to Zhuge Liang, a young man in his 20s. As the CEO of a company, I think there is much to learn from him.

The universal appeal of the Three Kingdoms narrative to both Ueno and Utsumi made it clear to them that it was a fantastic IP to explore together in web3. 

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I believe Three Kingdoms is once again a fantastic IP when you see it used in many different ways. The dynamic ensemble drama, where friends become enemies, enemies gain one’s respect, and so forth, makes for a highly engaging story.

Sangokushi Taisen: A Reimagined Web3 Game

As for, Battle of Three Kingdoms - Sangokushi Taisen - it is a highly anticipated trading card game (TCG) being developed by Double Jump Tokyo on the Oasys blockchain in collaboration with Sega. Leveraging the Sangokushi Taisen franchise, the game is set to be Sega's first web3 project, offering a unique blend of traditional card gameplay with modern web3 technology. 


Set during the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history, Battle of Three Kingdoms - Sangokushi Taisen immerses players in a time when China was divided into three regimes. The game's rich historical context adds depth and intrigue to the gameplay. As a TCG, players will collect, trade, and battle with cards representing various warlords and elements from the Three Kingdoms era. The game will feature warlord cards that appear as NFTs (non-fungible tokens), adding a unique blockchain twist to the traditional card game experience.


Ueno revealed plans to market the game heavily in Asia, where web3 technology is gaining traction. Sega is providing vital support, sharing game assets, and lending its expertise to the project. This collaborative effort aims to benefit both companies and the broader gaming industry.


Overcoming the Hurdles

The adoption of web3 technology in gaming comes with its own set of challenges. Ueno pointed out that while the advantages of web3 are obvious to some, convincing traditional web2 gamers has been a challenging task. Utsumi emphasized the importance of staying in tune with evolving human experiences as technology progresses. He highlighted the transformative potential of web3 technology in gaming, drawing parallels with past innovations such as gacha systems in social games.

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The real challenge lies in developing content that allows people to experience and grasp the benefits of integrating web3 into games.

As for the future of web3 games, Utsumi envisaged a scenario where the industry offers entry-level content akin to popular mobile puzzle games. With smartphones and computers now ubiquitous, web3 games can tap into the desire for asset ownership and wealth generation, ushering in a new era for the industry.

Ueno recognized that lowering the barriers to entry is a critical aspect of the web3 gaming industry's evolution. Simplifying processes, such as setting up wallets, is essential to onboard new users. They discussed the possibility of enabling users to play for free initially, allowing them to explore and embrace web3 and NFTs gradually.

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It is difficult for users to create wallets, so we must get people to play the game first. It would be better to start with the ability to play for free, and if people like the game, they can buy NFTs or create a wallet later.

Final Thoughts

Ueno expressed his enthusiasm for collaborating with Sega on this ambitious project. The journey involves experimenting, learning from mistakes, and shaping the ideal web3 game using the revered Sangokushi Taisen IP. 

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I believe that this is an opportunity to revive the Sangokushi Taisen IP. Blockchain gaming is still an unknown world for us, so we want to protect what needs to be protected and take a new look at what needs to be captured in a new way. We look forward to collaborating with Double Jump Tokyo, fostering open and candid exchanges of ideas and opinions.

As the game nears its late 2023 release, Battle of Three Kingdoms - Sangokushi Taisen promises to be an interesting addition to the web3 gaming landscape, blending the allure of web3 with the rich history of the Three Kingdoms.

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