Reebok and Futureverse Collaborate on "Reebok Impact" for Web3 Experiences

Reebok and Futureverse collaborate on "Reebok Impact" to develop innovative artificial intelligence, web3, blockchain-based gaming, and metaverse experiences for consumers.

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Reebok x Futureverse for Reebok Impact

Reebok has announced an exclusive partnership with Futureverse, marking another significant milestone for the world of web3 gaming. The partnership's focal point is the upcoming launch of Reebok Impact, a digital shoe experience set to debut in early 2024. Aligned with Reebok's commitment to purposeful movement, Futureverse's expertise in AI, web3, gaming, and the metaverse will play a crucial role in bringing Reebok Impact to fruition. This collaborative effort is not limited to a singular product launch. Reebok and Futureverse aim to go beyond, with plans to enhance functionalities, introduce new web3-driven experiences, and help to push the web3 space mainstream. 

Reebok x Futureverse for Reebok Impact

Dating back to 1895, Reebok is an iconic sports culture brand, renowned for revolutionizing athletic footwear and consistently propelling the industry forward with innovations. Today, positioned at the crossroads of active living, lifestyle, and sport, Reebok offers adaptable, high-quality styles for every occasion. The brand is now making its entrance into the world of web3. Futureverse is an AI and metaverse tech company, they recently raised $54 million in a new funding round led by 10T Holdings. Futureverse's platform includes a suite of AI content generation tools designed to enhance elements of the metaverse, such as music, objects, characters, and animations. The company merges tech infrastructure and AI-powered content to create an open metaverse.

Shara Senderoff and Aaron McDonald, Co-Founders of Futureverse, expressed their enthusiasm, stating: "We are beyond excited to announce our partnership with Reebok; a testament to our shared belief that life is a journey of active participation, not observation. This collaboration is a groundbreaking fusion of AI, web3, gaming, and metaverse technologies, set to transform how consumers define digital fashion. It's an invitation for consumers to step into a world in which their digital footprint is as significant as their physical one. Together, we're pioneering digital possibilities where every step tells a story, and every story shapes our world."

Reebok x Futureverse for Reebok Impact 2

Reebok's venture into the metaverse aligns with broader industry trends seen with major players like Nike and Adidas. These industry giants have been exploring the possibilities presented by NFTs and web3 experiences, reflecting a collective shift toward engaging consumers in immersive digital landscapes. Notably, the collaboration between Reebok and Futureverse takes on added significance within the context of web3 gaming. As the metaverse continues to evolve, Reebok Impact becomes a symbol of the convergence of physical and digital realms. The partnership represents a pivotal moment where immersive experiences bridge the gap between fashion and interactive digital narratives. This move underscores the growing relevance of web3 gaming in the expanding metaverse landscape, shaping the way consumers interact with products in a digitally transformative era.

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February 20th 2024


December 11th 2023

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