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An exclusive interview with Joseph Cooper (Coop) founder of Earn Alliance.

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of web3 gaming, one project stands out as a beacon of unity and innovation. Joseph Cooper (Coop), one of the driving forces behind Earn Alliance, is a veteran of the gaming world with a passion for programming that dates back to his childhood. With two decades of game development experience under his belt, Coop brings a unique perspective to the world of web3 gaming.


A Journey from Engineer to Entrepreneur

Coop's journey in the gaming industry began as an engineer, but his passion and curiosity led him down a path of exploration. He transitioned into a product role and eventually became an entrepreneur. Throughout his career, he has been part of five startups, each contributing to his wealth of knowledge and experience. Today, his focus is squarely on Earn Alliance, a project with ambitious goals in the web3 gaming space.

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I started as an engineer, then turned into a product person, and eventually became an entrepreneur. I've been a part of five startups and now I'm working on Earn Alliance.

Earn Alliance: The Ultimate Web3 Game Aggregator

Earn Alliance is set to become the ultimate web3 game aggregator, although it's important to note that the project is still in its alpha stage. The core mission of Earn Alliance is to consolidate information from various sources, including tweets, Discord announcements, Twitter Spaces, and even podcast interviews like this one. The team compiles this information into a user-friendly feed, offering a one-stop destination for gamers seeking the latest updates and news.

The platform currently boasts information on 2,400 games and provides custom videos in a Netflix-style format. Hovering over a game title reveals valuable content such as screenshots and categorization. In essence, Earn Alliance seeks to unify the web3 game industry, making it effortless for gamers to discover and explore new games. 


Adapting to the Shifting Tides of Web3 Gaming

The web3 gaming world is a rapidly evolving space, and Earn Alliance is keenly aware of the need to adapt to new trends and technologies. Coop's journey from a guild leader in games like Axie Infinity to a tool developer reflects his commitment to solving problems within the gaming community. The early days of Earn Alliance saw the release of tools and dashboards that tracked game assets' performance and engagement.

As Coop and his team continued to explore the web3 gaming ecosystem, they recognized the need for a platform that could support a multitude of games. Thus, Earn Alliance was born—a platform designed to aggregate data and information related to web3 games, NFT assets, and in-game assets, both on and off the blockchain.

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When you hover your mouse over a game, you can see content like screenshots and categorization. Our goal is to unify the web3 game industry, making it easy for gamers to discover and explore. We plan to aggregate web3 game markets, making it easy for users to find every game NFT that exists within a single app.

Guilds in Web3 Gaming: A Platform for Collaboration

Coop's experience as a guild leader has provided him with unique insights into the role of guilds in the web3 gaming space. While some speculate about the future relevance of guilds, Coop sees them as essential platforms for fostering communities and competitive advantages. Guilds, he believes, provide opportunities for individuals to contribute in various roles, from engineers to social media managers, artists, and investors.


In Coop's eyes, guilds serve as microcosms of esports teams, where individuals with diverse talents come together to pursue a common passion. The future of guilds in web3 gaming holds the potential for significant investments and opportunities, bridging the gap between gaming and asset-based economies.

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Guilds, to me, serve as a platform for a competitive edge. Some individuals might not have the time to play games extensively, but they have the resources and interest to invest in a particular area. Guilds will continue to thrive in this regard. I like to think of them as mini-league esports.

The Future of Earn Alliance: Exciting Developments Ahead

Earn Alliance has exciting developments on the horizon that promise to enhance its capabilities and reach within the web3 gaming ecosystem. Here's a glimpse of what's in store:

Enhanced Aggregation: Earn Alliance plans to expand its aggregation capabilities to include game assets, NFTs, and off-chain in-game assets. This expansion will empower gamers to track and manage their assets across multiple games seamlessly.

Integration with Multiple Blockchains: While the project primarily focuses on Ethereum, it is actively exploring integration with other blockchain networks, such as Binance Smart Chain and Solana, to provide a broader spectrum of web3 gaming coverage.

Mobile App: Earn Alliance recognizes the importance of accessibility. To make it even more convenient for users to stay informed about the web3 gaming space, they are developing a mobile app that will offer on-the-go access to all their features.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs): The team is exploring the concept of DAOs to involve the community in decision-making processes, allowing users to have a say in the project's direction.


Final Thoughts

Earn Alliance is certainly making significant strides in unifying the web3 gaming ecosystem. With a commitment to collaboration, innovation, and adaptability, they are well-positioned to shape the future of web3 gaming. As the space continues to evolve, Earn Alliance stands as a testament to the power of community-driven projects in the blockchain industry.

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