Project Eluune Announces Early Build Experience for StarGarden Holders

Project Eluune is offering a special early build experience (EBP) for Founding StarGarden holders in May, allowing players to explore the StarGarden and Mount of RamGod battle arena.

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Project Eluune has announced an exciting opportunity for Founding StarGarden holders to participate in an Early Build Experience (EBP) slated for the first week of May. This special event will allow players to explore a StarGarden and the Mount of RamGod battle arena, offering a sneak peek into the game's development.

During the multi-day EBP event, new battle challenges featuring different creature challenges will be released daily. It is important to note that this EBP is not the final game version and is focused on PvE (player versus environment) rather than the PvP (player versus player) and co-op PvP gameplay planned for the final release.

The EBP will include several exciting features:

  • Single player and multiplayer challenges in the PvE creature battler.
  • 3rd person navigation and platforming to discover the StarGarden's secrets.
  • Battle using a selection of creachies featured in the "Meet the Creachies" videos.
  • Rewards for Founding StarGarden holders who log in daily, and even for non-holders as the community reaches event milestones.

Join the Project Eluune community, Discord specifically, for this unique EBP event in the first week of May and experience the thrill of exploring the StarGarden and Mount of RamGod battle arena while participating in challenging creature battles.

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