PlayStation Survey Asks Fans What Gaming NFTs They Want to See

PlayStation survey questions EVO players and participants on what kind of NFTs would they be most interested in purchasing.

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The Evolution Championship Series, or more commonly known in the fighting game community as EVO, kicked off its competitions on 5th of August and lasted till the 7th of August. Following the event’s conclusion, PlayStation, who acquired the event’s rights last year, issued a survey asking users to select which “NFT/digital collectible” would they be more inclined to purchase if Sony decided to release any.

The options are featured in the tweet below, ranging from EVO-branded items and esports players to even music artists and game characters. The reception of the question by both the fighting game community and PlayStation fans sparked once again the debate of implementing NFTs into mainstream gaming.

Certain fans expressed their worries on Sony potentially hinting towards their upcoming PlayStation Stars program, a new loyalty that celebrates long-term players and consistent users, to being an NFT or possibly a Soulbound NFT. Daniel Ahmad, Senior Analyst at Niko Partners and one of the most respectable and reputable gaming news sources, replied to a currently deleted tweet clarifying this is in no way related to PlayStation Stars but more likely PlayStation’s own way to gauging interest if they ever want to explicitly dip their toes into web3 gaming.

“This isn’t related to PlayStation Stars in this case digital collectables is just a term that is used interchangeably with NFTs,” said Daniel

The ongoing tug of war between players and gaming studios on where the gaming industry is headed is interesting to watch to say the least. We have seen the likes of Ubisoft and Square Enix express their public interest and support towards more implementation of blockchain and web3 elements into their games. Nonetheless, they were still met with incredible dismay over their decision as well.

Which category do you think had the most votes in the PlayStation survey? Do you think this PlayStation survey could be a lead to something bigger Sony is working on? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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