Parallel Planetfall Expansion to Introduce "180 New Cards"; No New Parallels

Exclusive interview with Kohji Nagata, Head of Game Design at Parallel, reveals approximately how many cards the upcoming Planetfall expansion will bring to the game.

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Parallel has undeniably made an impact since its Beta release, gathering around it a loyal playerbase that are willing to contribute to the game's growth by building tools, such as DeckHub, and creating memorable moments. We have had the chance to sit down with Kohji Nagata, Head Of Game Design at Parallel, and ask him several questions regarding the current success of the beta and the team's plans for the future, including the Parallel Planetfall expansion.

For those of you who don't know the game yet, Parallel stands out by combining traditional TCG mechanics with web3 technology, utilizing NFTs and allowing collectors to have full ownership of their cards and game items. The game revolves around five factions or Parallels, enabling players to build decks and compete against each other. Parallel Planetfall was first revealed to the public to be in the works in January 2022 through a tweet, but now since the beta is live, we are edging closer to knowing more about it.

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As for the number of cards to expect with the Planetfall expansion, the developers estimate it to be in the range of 180 cards. However, this number is subject to change based on testing and possible tweaks.

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It's very hard to say, it’s really dependent on testing and some tweaks that we may make, but I would say somewhere in the 180-card range, perhaps. Just don't hold me to that. 

Kohji Nagata, Head Of Game Design

Currently, the game revolves around five factions or Parallels. Players might wonder if new Parallels will be introduced in the upcoming expansions, such as Planetfall. The answer, as of now, is that there are no plans to include additional Parallels. Instead, the focus will be on enhancing the existing five Parallels with new mechanics to explore the space they have created. However, the possibility of introducing new Paragons or Parallels in future expansions is not ruled out.

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As of now, there are no plans to include any additional Parallels in the upcoming expansion. The way the five Parallels are designed, there's a lot more room to play than you might think, so what you'll actually see is a bunch of new mechanics for each Parallel that really help explore the space that we've created. That's not to say that future expansions may not include new Paragons or Parallels in the future. 

Kohji Nagata, Head Of Game Design

Parallel Planetfall is shaping up to be an exciting expansion to an already high-quality web3 game. At the moment, Parallel offers various modes to cater to different player needs. "The Ladder" allows one-on-one battles, while "Sectors" permits players to build an initial 30-card deck and proceed to the next battle upon winning, with the option to replace some cards. For newcomers, the "rookie queue" serves as a training ground, offering immutable rookie decks that can be customized as players advance.

As of the time of writing, the Planetfall expansion does not have an exact release date.

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September 6th 2023


August 17th 2023

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