NFT Worlds Rebrands to HYTOPIA and Reveals $3M Funding

Formerly NFT Worlds, HYTOPIA gets a $3 million funding boost from Delphi Digital to build web3 Minecraft.

Eliza Crichton-Stuart author picture}

Eliza Crichton-Stuart

Head of Operations

NFT Worlds Hytopia

HYTOPIA, previously known as NFT Worlds, has successfully raised $3 million in funding with the support of industry leaders Delphi Digital and Delphi Ventures. HYTOPIA is being built to foster the next generation of social-play and games made by creators in a familiar voxel-like setting using a new engine built from scratch. The team's goal is to blend long-sought social and modern features for players with a flexible, monetizable game creation toolkit for developers within a Minecraft-inspired playstyle.

To bring their vision to life, HYTOPIA is building an interconnected ecosystem. This ecosystem encompasses players, creators, and contributors, all of whom will play pivotal roles in the creation and enjoyment of a wide range of content and experiences.


They aim to achieve this by covering several key principles:

  1. Modernized Game Engine - Craft a groundbreaking, Minecraft-like game engine from scratch that is built in a more performant and modern language (Rust) that resolves competitors' long-standing limitations, modernizes gameplay, and meets the evolving demands of players and creators.
  2. Cross Compatibility - Ensure seamless transitions for players and creators with backwards compatibility for Minecraft's network protocols, allowing play compatibility with legacy Minecraft servers while using none of their assets or code.
  3. Free, Everywhere - Deliver an unparalleled, free-to-play, cross-platform experience on all devices, including web browsers.
  4. Support Creators - Empower content creators by offering them flexible monetization policies, state-of-the-art tools, and a unified player ecosystem. All of which is governed and directed for decision and feature development through creator-led governance.
  5. Leverage Competitor Shortcomings - Captivate players and content creators with enhanced quality-of-life offerings, long-awaited features that competitors have failed to provide, and superior content.

With a solid foundation, a creative approach, and a commitment to addressing the web3 gaming community's most pressing needs, HYTOPIA is well on its way to helping push the web3 gaming industry forward.


October 25th 2023


October 24th 2023