Myria Layer-2 Goes Live; Myria Wallet, NFT Marketplace, and SDKs

Myria, an up and coming gaming-focused Ethereum Layer 2, goes live with its Myria Wallet, NFT marketplace, and development SDKs.

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The competition to become the leading blockchain network for gaming is fierce. Polygon Studios, Immutable X, and Ultra are just a few names leading the charge into becoming the number one network in the web3 gaming industry. However, a recent competitor emerged recently, with a sole focus on onboarding game titles in their early development phase and offering the right tools. Myria is a gaming ecosystem powered by Myria’s Ethereum L2 scaling solution.

The Myria network is already a host to seven upcoming games. They span across several genres from shooters and strategy to more casual titles and sports. These are Metarush, Metakart, Block Royale, Starstrike Legends, Moonville Farms, Hot Slice Tycoon, and an AB Cricket Game inspired by the career of three-time ICC ODI Cricket Player of the Year AB de Villiers. A more expansive list of supported games is available currently on their website as well that is constantly updated with the latest additions.

The Myria Layer 2 network went live today, alongside the network’s own wallet, NFT Marketplace, and developer SDK toolkit. Myria can achieve up to 9000 transactions per second through their zero-knowledge proofs, allowing for all the computational data to be handled separately and submitted to Ethereum in a single transaction. This in return 0 gas minting and trading of NFTs and near-instant transactions. The aforementioned directly addresses one of the constraints always brought up on the topic of scaling web3 games to millions of players.

Out of all existing networks, which one you think will emerge victorious as the leading blockchain for games? Which upcoming game hosted on Myria are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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September 21st 2023


August 27th 2022

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