My Pet Hooligan Receives Patch Leading up to Public Alpha

My Pet Hooligan's Alpha 2.0 Turbo Patch #1 on Epic Games receives updated server navigation, new cinematic look, spawn mechanics, and more

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My Pet Hooligan, a unique and engaging early access game currently available on Epic Games, has just released the exciting Alpha 2.0 Turbo Patch #1. Players are now invited to explore an array of new features and improvements that significantly enhance the gaming experience.

Being an Early Access game, My Pet Hooligan continues to be under active development. This means players may encounter unforeseen issues or entirely new gameplay elements, as the game will change significantly over time. Those who wish to be part of the game's growth process can play now, while others may opt to wait for a more refined experience.

Alpha 2.0 Turbo Patch #1 – What's New?

  1. Updated Server Navigation and Menu: A more streamlined and user-friendly navigation system for better accessibility.
  2. New Cinematic Look with Night and Day Cycle: Enhancing visual aesthetics, players will now experience an immersive day and night cycle that adds depth to gameplay.
  3. Cooldowns and Weapon Power Adjustments: Balanced game mechanics, ensuring a fairer competitive environment.
  4. New Spawn Mechanics and 2-Second Invincibility: Providing a smoother gameplay experience, with new respawn features and brief invincibility upon spawning.
  5. New Controller and Keyboard Mapping: Greater customization in controls, offering players more comfortable and personalized gameplay.
  6. Updated Mini Map: An enhanced mini map for better navigation and strategic planning within the game.

The Alpha 2.0 Turbo Patch #1 represents a significant step in the ongoing development of My Pet Hooligan. The new additions and improvements reflect a commitment to providing an evolving and exciting gaming experience.

Early access players of My Pet Hooligan are encouraged to provide feedback, as their insights are invaluable in shaping the game's development. This collaborative process between developers and players fosters a unique gaming community where ideas and creativity are embraced.

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September 6th 2023


August 9th 2023

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