MixMob Closed Beta Launch Introduces The Gathering Campaign

MixMob's closed beta comes with a new campaign, a free-play mode, a Tek deck, game upgrades, and more as part of their most advanced release.

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MixMob has announced the launch of their closed beta, featuring a new campaign called The Gathering and a series of drops taking place over the next three months. This advanced game release unlocks numerous features, including a Free-Play Mode, a new Tek deck, competitive game upgrades, and the introduction of MixBots.

The Gathering brings together promising racers, climbers, collectors, socializers, remixers, and gamblers to test the latest Arena features before being released to the public. As part of the campaign, MixMob: Racer 1 is now officially in beta and will culminate in a massive event unlike any previous experiences.

Key features of the MixMob: Racer 1 closed beta include a Free-Play Mode, allowing players to enjoy PVE mode without transactions, and a new Tek deck with remixed fan favorites and new mechanics. The closed beta also introduces game upgrades such as Slipstream, Obstacles, Collision, and Core Boosters to enhance the competitive aspect of the game.

To address concerns about Arena cost balancing, MixMob has rebalanced Arena entry fees and rewards based on player feedback. Additionally, Player IDs have been implemented, allowing users to pick an alias to build their reputation in the game universe.

During the closed beta, Qualifier Tournaments will be held every Saturday, with the top 25 participants being entered into The Gathering Season 0 Championship Tournament. Prizes for the Championship Tournament include USDC, in-game assets, $SUD, and a mysterious Glitch Pixel loot box for the winner.

Furthermore, the closed beta features leaderboard raffles, with everyone who plays a PVP game entered into a weekly draw. Spectating and betting options will also be available during live streaming windows, with the opportunity to win $SUD and other prizes.

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September 6th 2023


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