Metropolis World and Unstoppable Domains Partnership

New partnership between Metropolis World and Unstoppable Domains, set to redefine web3 identities with Steve Aoki and TimeOut.

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Eliza Crichton-Stuart

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In an exciting new development for the metaverse, Metropolis World, known for its next-generation social commerce platform, is joining forces with Unstoppable Domains. This partnership marks a new milestone in the evolution of digital collectibles and their integration into the web3 space. Metropolis World is a social commerce platform that effectively bridges the digital and the physical worlds. It's a realm where digital collectibles unlock a spectrum of real-life products, exclusive content, and immersive experiences. Metropolis World has already captivated a broad and diverse audience of brands and creators, boasting over 300 founding citizens and partners, including Steve Aoki, Time Out, 3LAU, Fvckrender, ThankYouX, Yung Gravy, and others.

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Established in 2018, Unstoppable Domains offers blockchain-minted web3 domains that give people complete ownership and control over their digital identity without renewal fees. On a mission to onboard the world to web3, they're working to create a more credible and secure online environment. Sandy Carter, COO of Unstoppable Domains, shares her enthusiasm for this partnership: "Unstoppable Domains has always been driving for new opportunities to reimagine digital identity, and joining forces with Metropolis World spurs a new digital renaissance – an era where your online persona is a palette for creativity. We're excited about how this partnership will help onboard web3 users of all types."

The collaboration introduces several innovative features to revolutionize how users interact with and perceive the metaverse. The Unique Fashion Line promises a collection that combines style and digital identity. Additionally, avatars in Metropolis World will now possess unique traits, each unlocking personalized domains on Unstoppable Domains. This integration means that a digital avatar becomes a key to users' unique domain in the digital universe.

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Then there are also real-world products as part of the partnership that will bring the digital experience into the tangible world with clothing and figurines. In the future, this partnership will engage the community with quests and gamified experiences that deepen users' engagement within Metropolis World. The main aim is to empower the next generation of digital creators. By providing tools that resonate with the aspirations of the next wave of metaverse users, users will gain a more immersive and personalized expression of online identity attached to a web3 domain. 

"This partnership brings us a step closer to mass adoption, where users gain a bridge into a creative digital space where they are in control," said Rashid Ajami, CEO and Co-Founder of Metropolis World. "Metropolis World is a canvas for limitless creativity, and with this partnership, we're adding new colors to that canvas so that digital avatars tell unique stories and every virtual interaction celebrates the uniqueness of the individual."

Metropolis World's Genesis City has already seen success, with all 500 properties sold out. Looking ahead, the collaboration promises more exciting developments, including the integration of web3 domain logins and an ever-more seamless fusion of digital and physical identities. The metaverse holds boundless possibilities for this next generation of creators. Through this collaboration, Metropolis World and Unstoppable Domains are improving the user experience of online identity and community engagement in the digital realm.



December 20th 2023


December 20th 2023