MetaFighter Alpha Version Goes Live

MetaFighter makes the jump from pre-alpha to alpha and opens access to everyone. Tournaments, new fighters and tons of new features.

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Fighting games have always been an incredibly popular genre within the gaming industry. The likes of Tekken and Street Fighter have managed to produce quite a lot of iconic moments within esports, as well as engraving their names in the history books as two of the most successful video game franchises of all time. It is time for web3 gaming to find its own fighting game star that can help drive blockchain games forward and cultivate this same competitive environment we so much need. Luckily, MetaFighter have revealed the game is taking a step forward from pre-alpha to alpha, with tons of new content and improvements from what anyone saw before.

The studio detailed everything that was added newly to the game, and they started off with new game modes. Players can now select from one of three available game modes, PvP, PvC, and Practice. One of the things that made MetaFighter stand out considerably from other fighting games available in web3 gaming is its unique fighting style. When developers saw the love gamers had for this style of gameplay, they improved the aspects of the combat system that were crucial to make sure gameplay glitches don't interfere during your battles.

The newest version of the game throws many new features that are based on the fighters' inherent characteristics. Attack, defense, and speed can now be calculated on the basis of their nature. On top of that, a number of fighters have earned new combos and cooldowns, which will make the game even more exciting to play. Both of the aforementioned improvements add a whole other aspect for players who want to go professional since this is the kind of depth needed to differentiate casual from the high-ranked players.

It doesn't end there as the long awaited NFT integration has been added as well. Players who own any Fighter NFTs can now make use of your purchased fighters to play the alpha version of the game. Last but not least, this version offers server region selection that creates stronger multiplayer network connections, making it possible for players to engage in combat against opponents from across the globe without any trouble at all.

Make sure to download MetaFighter and give it a try. Are you a fan of fighting games? Share this article and tag us on any of our socials to let us know.

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September 21st 2023


December 1st 2022

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