GAM3 Awards Meet the Jury: Yoshihisa Hashimoto | LV.99

Get to meet GAM3 Awards jury member Yoshihisa Hashimoto from LV.99 and know their proudest gaming moment, future of web3 gaming, and more.

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Our inaugural December 15, and will be livestreamed across all our socials. It is time to get everyone familiar with each member of our jury. We got the opportunity to sit down with each of them to ask them a set questions to help you get to know them more personally, their favorite gaming moment growing up, what pushed them to make the jump into web3 gaming, and their outlook on the future of blockchain gaming.

A number of franchises within the industry can't go unnoticed, including the likes of Sonic and Final Fantasy. The reason why we mention these two specifically is because of today's jury member. Yoshihisa Hashimoto, currently co-founder of LV.99, served previously as the director behind Sonic Unleashed at SEGA. He then managed to even accomplish more impressive feats by leaving SEGA to become the Square Enix CTO and eventually contribute to the massive success Final Fantasy 14 achieved serving as a technical director. We sat down with him to go over his proudest gaming moment, what made him start over in web3 gaming considering his star-studded traditional gaming career, and what milestones he wants to see achieved before web3 gaming is mainstream.

What is your proudest gaming moment?

Contributing to the creation of games such as Sonic and Final Fantasy, which were enjoyed by game fans around the world.

What pushed you to transition into work in web3 and choose gaming as your sector of choice?

With the technological advancements of web3, gaming elements such as playing, matchmaking, streaming, watching, creating games, sharing, will all be connected more deeply and organically.

What excites you the most about the current state of web3 gaming?

Game design and economy design have yet to arrive at the correct answer and the efforts being taken to reach there.

Where do you see LV.99's role in the future of web3 gaming?

  • Support the development and marketing of Web3 game studios to increase the number of high-quality Web3 games that can be enjoyed in the industry.
  • Developing our own Web3 games to provide fun and new experiences to players.
  • Providing frameworks and engines for Web3 game development

If you could name one major milestone yet to happen to push web3 gaming adoption forward, what would it be?

Easy-to-use and safe wallet UX for anyone

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